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Agri-Fab Zero Turn Sprayer


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Agri-Fab 45-0603 (Zero-Turn 15 Gallon Sprayer) is a versatile designed 15 Gallon Zero-Turn (ZT) compatible mounted spot or boom sprayer that will give you the opportunity to use the spot sprayer for precision applications or the boom sprayer to cover a larger area quickly. The 100 psi, 2.2 GPM diaphragm pump is designed for maximum efficiency to provide high hour application. This sprayer also comes with a 15-Inch handle Extension with brass adjustment tip (wide angle finely atomized cone spray to a straight stream) and with 19-Foot of hose can spray streams up to 30-Feet. The boom is 30-Inches wide and has a spray width of up to 60-Inches. This sprayer can be used at any time during the year, to spray for a variety of reasons including: grub prevention, crab grass prevention, and perennial weeds prevention, along with liquid fertilizer applications. Spraying your yard periodically throughout the year can greatly improve your lawn’s health and quality. The Agri-Fab 45-0603 (Zero-Turn 15 Gallon Sprayer) can fit on multiple Zero-Turn(ZT) lawn mowers. Universal design fits many Zero Turn mower brands 15 Gallon Tank, 2.2 GPM 100 psi pump Boom Width 30 Inches, Spray Width 60 Inches Two-wire fused wiring harness complete with quick-disconnects for convenient electrical hookup 23 Long spray wand with 3/8 hose fitting made of molded polypropylene for excellent chemical resistance and durability 3-Year Limited Warranty