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DR Power Equipment Pro Max 450 Tow Behind Electric Start Lawn and Leaf Vacuum, LL37060DEN


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Highest Capacity Available! The DR PRO MAX450 is the highest capacity non-commercial leaf collector available anywhere. When you can collect up to 60 cubic feet (450 gallons) you spend less time emptying the collector and more time gathering leaves and other lawn debris, and leaving your lawn vacuum clean. To assist with unloading, the PRO MAX is equipped with a powered dump feature that does the hard work for you. You simply unbuckle the closures on the back then push the powered actuator button. It tilts the collector back to a steep 60-degree angle that empties it completely. Then you can power it back to the collecting position. With the collector removed, you can use the PRO MAX flatbed to haul all sorts of loads around your property. It’s perfect for stackable and tie-down items and the dual wheels assist in distributing the weight and lessening the impact on lawn areas. Maximum Capacity The PRO MAX450 holds up to 60 cubic feet (450 gallons)the highest capacity available in a non-commercial leaf vac. You can collect huge amounts of leaves and debris before you need to stop and unload. Powered Dump Feature A powered actuator provides push button dumping. It tilts the collector back to a steep 60-degree angle that empties it completely. All Steel Impeller More durable than the plastic impellers used on competitive products. The steel impeller is covered with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Easy Access for Unloading Just unbuckle the enclosures on the back and secure them in open position by clipping to the side. Accessories Add Versatility The Vacuum Hose lets you get at yard waste in places you can’t drive your mower. And the Mulch Discharger allows you to broadcast all that debris right where you want it. Optimal 8″ Hose The 8″ hoses offer the ideal balancenarrower hoses clog too frequently, and wider ones lose compression and suction power. We tested extensively and found 8″ to be the optimal diameter. Assembled in the USA Assembled in the USA using forei