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Fimco 12V Wireless Remote On/Off Switch


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With the Fimco 12V Wireless Remote On/Off Switch you can control 12V products with the touch of a button. Easily plug the 2-way, 2-wire, flat-molded connectors into an interface between a battery and pump. The wireless Fimco remote control is conveniently connected to a key chain clip. You can use it to turn a sprayer on and off from the seat of your garden tractor, zero-turn mower or small tractor. Used to control 12V products up to 20A Fimco remote control has extended wireless range Keychain clip makes it easy to keep the sprayer remote by your side Quick-connect into Fimco products or wire into 12V products up to 20A 16 gauge wire for universal fitment 2-way, 2-wire, flat-molded connectors work with most electric pumps Backed by a 1-year consumer/90-day commercial warranty Wireless sprayer remote puts control at your fingertips