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Sportsman Earth Series Mini 12V Electric Chainsaw Chain Sharpener


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Use the Sportsman Earth Series Mini Electric Chainsaw Sharpener to keep your chainsaw sharpened. Great to keep in your tool bag, the chainsaw sharpener is perfect for touch-ups and honing while on the job. Running off the 12-Volt DC power of your vehicle’s battery, the chainsaw sharpener lets you quickly and easily sharpens the chain on site. Measuring just 8 in. long, this small but mighty hand-held chainsaw sharpener runs at 25,000 RPMs and can accommodate most make and model chains. Get the job done right with this handy chainsaw sharpener! Chainsaw sharpener is perfect to throw in the tool bag for touch ups on site Hone, file and sharpen most chainsaw brands with this chainsaw sharpener Chainsaw sharpener runs off of the 12V DC current of your vehicle battery 25, 30, 35 degree angle guide, depth gauge, and template aid in precision and accuracy Works with chains that have a 1/4, .325, or 3/8 in. pitch, or 3/8 in. low profile chains Full chainsaw sharpener kit includes: 12V hand held sharpener, angle guide, depth gauge, 3 identical collets, collet nut, collet cap, wrench, 3 round grinding stones (5/32, 3/16, 7/32 inch), dressing brick, template, and instructions for use