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Attaching a Snow Blower to Your Tractor: These Are Your Options

A tractor-snow blower combo refers to the attachment of a snowblower to the front of a tractor or riding lawn mower equipment to make use of the tractor’s power in removing great amounts of snow or ice with the snowblower and with very little effort. The tractor-snow blower attachment has a really large housing, and since they are able to run using the tractor engine, they are also very powerful and fling several tons of snow per hour, more than the standard heavy-duty two-stage gas blowers. Typically, what is created here by adding the attachment is a snowblower that you can ride easily. The best option here is to carefully and thoroughly make your research in order to get the best products available on the market.

Attaching a snow blower to your tractor, these are your options:

  1. MTD Three-Stage Snow Thrower Attachment
  2. MTD Two-Stage Snow Thrower Mower Attachment
  3. Husqvarna 967343901 Two-Stage Mounted Snow Thrower (Manual Lift)
  4. Husqvarna ST42E Snow Thrower Attachment with Electric Lift
  5. Husqvarna 581 Tractor Mount Two-Stage Snow Blower

Attaching a snowblower to the front of your tractor may seem like a huge task meant for professionals alone, but there’s no reason to panic. In fact, snow blower attachments are quite easy to install. Another thing that can help you is the user manual that comes with the snow blower. Be sure to take some time to read through the manual. Do you want to know the attachment options that are available for you? Do you want to know what to consider before installing an attachment? This article will provide you with the necessary information as well as some great options, giving you an idea of what’s involved.

Why Choose a Tractor Snow Blower Attachment?

A tractor-snow blower attachment is a piece of important equipment especially if you have a large property with a large amount of snow to clear. If you’re dealing with a gravel driveway or paved areas,  and you already own a tractor or a riding lawn mower, then you might want to consider investing in a snowblower attachment. This is because they are very effective in removing extremely large amounts of snow without causing any damage to your property.

Even though Snowplows are very useful,  they can cause occasional damage to your driveway by removing a layer of the road or gravel, creating cracks and uneven grading.  With snowplows, cleared snow sometimes trickles back down to the areas from where they were cleared when the temperature drops. When the temperatures drop below the freezing point, you might end up with a dangerously slippery driveway or walkway. Snowblowers, however, allow you to control the direction where the snow is blown so that you can avoid blowing large piles next to the areas you need to be cleared.

How to Choose the Best Tractor Mounted Snow Blower Attachment

Owning a riding lawnmower has been proven to be much more common than owning a large tractor. These types of attachments are also commonly used for general residential purposes. However, you should only consider investing in one if you think that you can justify its use through the winter periods. To make your decision-making process a lot easier, ask yourself the following questions.

1. Do You Have A Riding Lawn Mower Or Tractor?

It is safe to assume that the answer to this question is obvious, however, winter months can be the best time to invest in a riding lawn mower especially if you’ve been considering investing in one. This is because anything out of season may generally be sold at a discounted price since most businesses will be looking to replace previous models with new ones.

2. Are the  Winter Months Long?

Although, long winters do not always mean a heavy snowfall and vice versa.  If you know that you’ll be using your snow blower attachment combo for a justifiable amount of time, then investing in one might be well worth it.

3. Do You Get Regular, Deep Snowfalls?

A couple of snowstorms each year, regardless of how heavy they are, can be well taken care of by hiring a snow clearing service. However, if you know that you’ll be getting regular and heavy snowfall, then investing in your own equipment will prevent you from having to wait on somebody else to get the job done. In addition, those services often cost a lot and the costs can add up pretty quickly.

4. Do you Have a Long Driveway?

If you have a small or normal driveway with a fair amount of snow, then a tractor snow blower combo might be a bit of a waste. These attachment combos are best suited for areas that require a heavy clearing of snow. So if your driveway is not large, it is hard to justify the cost of attachment combos when a simple walk behind snow blower can get the job done easily and efficiently.

5. Do you Have Limited Storage?

Snow blower attachments are large equipment that requires quite a lot of storage space to ensure that it is properly stored to avoid damage due to moisture and problems related to rodents that like to chew on cords.

Attaching your Snow Blower to your Tractor: These are your Options

MTD and Husqvarna are the leading manufacturers of riding snow blower attachments in today’s market, and they also provide excellent equipment with the best styles and capacities. If you think that a tractor attachment is well suited for your task instead of a walk-behind unit, then you should totally take a look at the reviews below:

1. MTD Three-Stage Snow Thrower Attachment

This attachment unit is designed with the right amount of strength to promote ease of use. The equipment makes use of reinforced brackets and advanced knob as well as the control ergonomics. It is not only sturdy and durable, but it also comes with a third accelerator auger best suited for handling heavy, wet, and icy snow. This 42 by 20 inches unit can easily handle extremely deep snowfalls and can toss them up to 30 feet away through a remote-controlled, 180-degree chute. Other properties include adjustable skid shoes and scraper blades which help in cutting into plowed areas or driveways, and also for use over uneven terrain to avoid causing damage to your property.

2. MTD Two-Stage Snow Thrower Mower Attachment

Here, a huge 18-inch auger helps in chopping or chewing up icy snow, sending them through the powerful impeller where they are tossed 30 feet away. They have a durable steel body and mounting equipment which is considered one of the best in the business. These help to ensure that you enjoy a strong and long-lasting piece of equipment. The 42 by 20-inch housing unit can easily handle deep snow, and with the 33-inch remote-controlled chute that can rotate 22 degrees, you direct the snow wherever you need it to land. Other properties also include adjustable skid shoes for gravel driveways and uneven terrain.

3. Husqvarna 967343901 Two-Stage Mounted Snow Thrower (Manual Lift)

This particular model has a 12-inch serrated auger with great throwing power which is also capable of handling up to 18 inches of snow. The 42 by 20 inch housing can throw snow up to 50-foot away and can be manually adjusted for use over gravel or cement to get a clean and manicured result. They have adjustable skid shoes and wear plates that are also removable.  They have a 180-degree chute that is remote controlled and allows you to keep working without pause.

4. Husqvarna ST42E Snow Thrower Attachment with Electric Lift

This model comes with a 12-inch serrated auger, housed within the 42 by 20-inch unit which helps to throw snow up to a distance of 50 feet. The electric lift allows you to easily adjust the unit from your position for the changes in your terrain without having to pause. They also have adjustable and removable skid shoes and wear plates, as well as a 180-degree chute that is entirely controlled remotely. It also has a lighter weight that allows you to hook up and remove the tool by yourself.

5. Husqvarna 581 Tractor Mount Two-Stage Snow Blower

This powerful tractor mount has a large 50 by 20-inch housing that holds a 12-inch 3-blade steel auger and a high-speed impeller, which is capable of throwing snow up to 50 feet depending on how heavy the snowfall is. The skid shoes and wear plates are removable and adjustable, and the 180-degree chute can be controlled remotely. In addition, the electronic lift makes your job even easier and smoother since you don’t have to pause for any adjustments in the middle of a job. This model also comes with a Hydro-Gear Heavy Duty gearbox that provides you assurance for long-term use. Hence, you can remove or hook up without tools.

Final remarks

When dealing with large amounts of snow on large properties, a tractor snow blower attachment is the best solution especially if you have a riding lawn mower or a tractor of some sort. That way, once the winter months approach, you’ll be ready to go.