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Chainsaw Statistical Information / Chainsaw Market Research

Chainsaw Types

You can classify chainsaws by the power they use, the chainsaw model, and the used chain:  

– Gas Powered
– Corded Electric
– Battery Operated
– Manual
– Top Handle
– Rear Handle
– Pole Saw
– Mini Chainsaw
Chain types
– Full Chisel
– Square Chisel
– Semi Chisel
– Low Profile Cutters
– Narrow Kerf

Pros and Cons of Different Chainsaw Types

The pros and cons for the three main chainsaw types are:

Gas Powered
– Most Powerful and readily available
– Portable
– Are loud and heavy
– Can be a hassle to start
– High Maintenance
Corded Electric
– Have substantial power
– Good for beginners
– Low maintenance
– Limited to cord length
– Only effective up to medium-sized cuts
Battery Powered
– No Gas fumes
– Quiet
– Portable
– Low Maintenance
– In general, Limited Battery Life
– Less Power
– Easy to carry around
– Requires no power
– Quiet
– Takes a long time to cut thicker branches
– Only suitable for short jobs
Pole Chainsaws
– Great for reaching high limbs
– Multiple options for shape and power
– Only useful in specific situations
– Not as powerful as regular chainsaws

Average Blade Size of Different Chainsaw Types

Different blade lengths are used depending on the engine/motor of the chainsaw. The following table contains an overview of typical blade sizes for different chainsaw types:

Average Sizes
Gas Powered
Start from 16-18 inches and go as large as 72 inches.
14-16 inches. They are good for small trees
Battery Operated
16-18 inches
Mini Saw
6-9 inches

Cost of Different Chainsaw Types

The following table contains average price ranges for different chainsaw types:

Price Range
Gas Powered
$140 USD – $650 USD
The most expensive gas-powered chainsaws can be above $2000
Corded Electric
$40 USD – $300 USD
Battery Powered
$180 USD – $650 USD
Professional battery-powered chainsaws can be considerably more expensive, with the battery backpack alone costing more than $2000
* These prices are indications

Major Chainsaw Market Players

The major chainsaw market players are:

  • Husqvarna
  • Makita
  • Stihl
  • Hitachi
  • Zhejiang Zomax Garden Machinery
  • Bosch
  • ECHO
  • Sunrise Global Marketing
  • Briggs & Stratton
  • Craftsman
  • Lowes
  • Techtronic Industries
  • Black & Decker

Market Share of Different Chainsaw Types

Chainsaws can be divided into three main categories, gas-powered, corded electric, and battery-powered chainsaws:

In general, battery-powered chainsaw market shares are growing quicker year over year, particularly in the consumer market. In the professional market, this growth is slower, but more professional battery options are getting launched. Particularly with the introduction of battery backpacks.

Growth is driven by the increase in battery capacity and chainsaw run time, combined with the easier maintenance of battery-powered chainsaws.

Global Chainsaw Market Figures

The following table contains some of the global chainsaw estimated market information (2021):

Total World Trade
3.62 billion USD
Largest Exporter
China (541 million USD)
Largest Importer
USA (189 million USD)
CAGR estimation
Around 5 % (2022-2030)
Chainsaws sold in US annually
More than 5 million
Largest Market Region
North America
Most Sold Type
Most Used Chain
Full Chisel (More than 70% of the share)
Biggest Market Player

World Market Chainsaw Segmentation by Geographic Region

The flowing graph gives an overview of how the worldwide market is divided:

Expected Chainsaw Growth by Geographic Region

The following table shows the expected market growth for different regions:

Expected Market in 2024
Expected Market in 2024
North America
2.12 billion USD
5.0 %
1.63 billion USD
5.0 %
Asia Pacific
0.48 billion USD
5.2 %
Latin America
0.44 billion USD
Middle East & Africa
0.12 billion USD
2 %

Chainsaw Application Segmentation

The flowing table gives an overview of the division between commercial and home users (2020 numbers):

Commercial Users
Home Users
2.42 billion USD (13.60 million units)
1.17 billion USD (7.26 million units)
67.35 % of total revenue
32.65 % of total revenue
65.32 % of total sales
34.68 % of total sales

Revenue per chainsaw type

The following table shows that the revenue for the three main chainsaw types does not differ much (2020). It is not expected that this will change significantly for the current year.

Revenue share of total market
Unit Sales share of total market
Gas Powered
2.64 billion USD (14.63 million units)
73 %
70 %
Electric Powered
0.80 billion USD (5.29 million units)
23 %
25 %
Battery Powered
0.14 billion USD (0.95 million units)
4 %

Global Market Chainsaw by Distribution Channel

More and more purchases are made online. And the chainsaw market is no exception. Generally, you can say that more consumers are purchasing a chainsaw online compared with the professional market

The following table shows the estimated market share for both the online and retail markets:

21 % of total sales
79 % of total sales

Chainsaw Future Trends

The following graph contains an estimation of the chainsaw market size:

Chainsaw Market Size Estimation 2020 – 2030

The following table contains an estimation of some of the future chainsaw trends:

No. of units sold globally expected in 2024
over 30 million
Fastest Growing Segment
Battery Powered
CAGR estimation
Largest Market Region
North America
Expected Region with Highest CAGR
Asia Pacific
Expected Type of have the Largest Market Share
Gas Powered

Main Factors Impacting the Chainsaw Market

  • General economy
  • Battery innovations
  • Increase in demand for the construction industry
  • Deforestation Policies
  • Demand from developing economies

Expected Chainsaw Growth by Product Segment:

The following table shows the growth expectation for the different chainsaw types:

Expected Market in 2024
Expected Market in 2024
Gas Powered
3.5 billion USD
5 %
Electric Powered
1.12 billion USD
5 %
Battery Powered
0.18 billion USD
6 %

Expected Growth by Application Segment:

The estimated growth for both the consumer and professional markets is similar. The estimate for 2021 is that around 60% of the chainsaw market is for commercial applications and 40% for non-commercial.

The following table shows the estimated growth for both consumer and professional markets for 2024:

Expected Market in 2024
1.56 billion USD
5 %
3.22 billion USD
5 %

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