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Electric Pole Chainsaw. Tips From A Professional

If you are going to be trimming trees or high branches, you may need to invest in an electric pole saw. These are convenient and allow you to reach high branches easily. Choosing the right kind is also important.

Electric Pole Chainsaw:

An electric pole saw is a chainsaw with an extendable pole, mainly cutting and trimming branches and top parts of a tree. An electric pole saw can use a mains cable or is battery powered. The advantage of an electric pole saw compared with a gas machine is that it needs less maintenance.

In this article, I will further explain the advantages and disadvantages of a pole saw and what to look for if you are planning to get an electric pole saw.

Are Electric Pole Saws Good?

Electric pole saws are perfect for cutting down limbs and branches that you can’t reach from the ground. There are many different types of pole saw available, and each one has its own features that make it appealing to customers. If you wonder if electric pole saws are any good, consider all these benefits.

● Reach Higher Limbs

The most obvious advantage of owning an electric pole saw is that it allows you to reach up higher in the tree or bush you are trimming. Some trees are very tall and have branches that need to be trimmed but can’t be reached easily. Even if you use a ladder to try to reach the branches of the tree, it could still be too long to trim safely. Using an electric pole saw allows you to reach branches from the ground or a ladder without risking your safety.

● Adjustable Pole

Many pole saws are adjustable and allow you to change the length or height of the saw. This allows you to stay comfortable and easily reach the branches or limbs you are trying to trim. It’s also very easy to adjust the pole saw. Each pole saw may be slightly different, but the process is usually simple and involves flipping a latch, sliding the pole into the right position, and closing the latch to secure it.

● Guide Bar

The guide bar helps keep the saw moving in the right direction and on the right path so you can get a clean cut and know exactly which branches you are removing from the tree or zero in on small branches that can be hard to trim with a large saw. Pole saw guides could range in size, but most are between 6 to 8 inches.

● Strong Motor

Pole saws may be small and precise, but they can also be very strong. The motors are capable of moving the chain as it cuts through large tree limbs, branches, stems, and shrubs. You can choose a pole saw with the motor size you need so you know you will always be able to get the job done without any stress or hassle.

● Electric pole saw: No Need To Haul Gas

One of the best things about using an electric pole saw is that you don’t have to carry a big tank of gas wherever you go. You plug in the cord to power the pole saw. You can also bring along a rolled-up extension cord if you think you might need a little extra length to get the power to the chain saw. Some pole saws even have longer, retractable cords that give you the extra cord length you need without bringing an extra extension cord.

If you use a retractable extension cord, check that you can use the pole saw when the cord is retracted. If the cord from a retractable extension cord is inside, it can deliver less power compared to the cord being fully unwound. Else the cable can get really hot and even melt.

If you use a battery-powered pole saw, you do have to carry batteries with you. Depending on the size, they do have a considerable weight. Luckily for both battery-powered pole saws and gas machines, the main weight (batteries or gas tank and engine) is close to your body at the bottom of the pole.

● Various Accessories

Many pole saws come with many accessories that make your project easier. You can find things such as safety guides, bags to carry the saw and accessories, belts, gloves, and harnesses that come free with the pole saw you buy. Not all pole saws have accessories, so check to ensure the pole saw includes them if you are looking for specific accessories.

● Lightweight

Pole saws are made to be lifted about your head and help up with just your arms. This can be tiresome for some people, so pole saws are made to be lightweight. They also come with handles and braces that help make them easier to hold or use when lifted up in the air for long periods of time.

The heaviest parts of a pole saw, like the batteries, gas tank, gas engine, or motor, are located at the bottom of the pole saw. Those can be kept close to your body with the braces to make using the pole saw more comfortable.

● Easy Cleaning

Pole saws are easy to clean. The chain can be removed from the saw, cleaned properly, and even sharpened before being put back on the saw. Any sawdust, twigs, leaves, debris, or other dirt can easily be removed with gloved hands or a brush.

● Easy Assembly And Breakdown

Pole saws can be disassembled for easy storage. Not all of them break down, but some do breakdowns into separate sections that can be packed in a bag or plastic container for storage. The pole can also be telescoping, so they will slide down inside the larger pole to make it shorter and easier to store the pole saw where you want it.

What Is the Best Electric Pole Chain Saw?

There are many different types of electric pole chain saws, and everyone has their own preference. There are some pole saws that are better than others and are sold by reputable brands. Here are some good machines with a good price point:

– Sun Joe Pole Chain

This pole saw has an automatic lubrication system that allows it to smoothly cut through limbs and trees with ease. It has a comfortable handle, and the pole extends up to 9 feet.

– VonHaus Cordless Pole

This pole saw is easy to use and convenient because there are no cords to worry about. You simply plug the batteries into a charger and allow them to fully charge before using them to power the pole saw and trim your bushes.

– DeWalt XL Pole Saw

With a pole extension up to 15 feet, this pole saw will allow you to reach even the highest branches. It features an 8-inch bar and a comfortable handle. It’s also lightweight, easy to extend, and powerful enough to handle tough jobs.

Should I Get A Gas Or Electric Pole Saw?

If you are trying to decide if you need to get an electric pole saw or a gas pole saw, you should consider the pros and cons of each type and which one can help you get the job done properly. Both kinds of saws are strong and durable and can get any type of job done.

The difference is the power source. If you prefer a gas-powered saw, you will have to carry around gas and refill the saw often. If you prefer an electric pole saw, you may be able to find one that has a retractable cord, or you might need to bring along an extension cord.

Generally, gas-powered pole saws are more powerful than battery-powered machines. An electric pole saw is lighter and uses a mains cable, and needs to be reasonably close to a mains outlet. This limits the areas where it can be used.

Electric motors need less maintenance compared with gas engines. An electric pole saw needs the least amount of maintenance, closely followed by the battery-powered type. A battery-powered pole saw has a more limited usage time. I recommend purchasing at least two batteries and using a fast charger. When the first battery is empty, you can replace it with a full battery and charge the empty one.

What Should I Look For When Buying An Electric Pole Saw?

Electric pole saws come in all shapes and sizes, and what works for one job may not work for them all. When it comes time to choose the right pole saw, here are some things to consider.

  • The length of the pole saw
  • Telescopic extension
  • Motor capacity
  • Weight
  • Working reach
  • Added accessories
  • Included warranties
  • Cutting capacity

If you are looking for a battery-powered pole saw, also consider:

  • How long can it work on a single charge
  • How long fast can you charge a battery
  • Can you still purchase a new battery after a few years? Batteries do not last forever.
  • How expensive is a new or additional battery
  • The weight, including the battery

How Far Can A Pole Saw Reach?

The reach of a pole saw can vary and also depend on the height from which you are using the pole. In general, most pole saws can reach about 20 feet above the user’s head. Your own arm’s reach may also play a role in the working reach of the pole saw. But holding the pole saw above your body is extremely tiring.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to be standing on the ground to use the pole saw. You can always climb a ladder to use the pole saw to reach even higher up in the tree to improve the height, but you will need to make sure you are doing so safely.

Remark: always be very careful when using a ladder to increase the reach of your pole saw. Ensure the ladder is stable, and I recommend having another person help you.

Electric Chainsaw Tree Trimmer Maintenance

If you want your electric pole saw to work correctly, you need to maintain it. This can include sharpening or changing the blade/chain when it needs it. You can clean it with a can of compressed air. Just spray the air along the chain and on the handle of the pole saw to remove any debris or dirt that could be affecting the way the pole saw cuts.

It would be best if you also oiled the chain to help it run smoothly. If you use an electric pole saw, ensure that the cord is rolled up or such that you can not fall over it.