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How do chainsaw chaps work?

Chainsaws are arguably one of the most dangerous machines ever invented. In the USA, each year, over three million new chainsaws are sold. The use of these newly bought chainsaws combined with the millions of older chainsaws in circulation results in over twenty-eight thousand chainsaw-related injures each year.

Most of these chainsaw related injuries involve the legs and lower extremities of the users with less than 10 percent involving injuries to the head of the user. Such injuries can lead to life-threatening bleeding and multiple fractures to your bone and make you disabled. The most common recently reported accidents associated with leg injuries were caused by kickback, pushback, and pull-in of the chainsaw. This is where chainsaw chaps become necessary.

How do chainsaw chaps work?

Chainsaw chaps are made from very strong, cut retardant materials like Kevlar. When the chain hits the chainsaw chaps a lot of these long fibers will get stuck into the chain and instantly stop it rotating. They sort of jam the chainsaw. This goes so quickly that they chainsaw will stop before the chain will hit your leg and this way they protect your legs from getting cut.

(CC BY 2.0) by Living Off Grid

Half chainsaw chaps are sturdy protective coverings for your legs consisting of leggings and a belt. They are buckled on your regular jeans with their integrated belt, but unlike jeans, they have no seat and are not joined at the crotch.

The name chaps is a short version of the Spanish word chaparreras. Chaparreras were named after the chaparral which means thick, thorny, low brush. Formerly, they were designed to protect the legs of the rider while riding on horseback.

Reports of chainsaw kickback have become common in recent times and it poses a great hazard. chainsaw kickback happens when the rotating chain is stopped suddenly by contact with a harder area in the log, which results in throwing the chainsaw backward towards the user in a split second. The cause of most injuries can be traced to the absence of proper personal protective equipment especially the chainsaw chaps.


Pros and Cons of Chainsaw Chaps:

● Pros:

  • Adjustable belt: Chainsaw chaps have an adjustable belt which makes them suitable for the users of different waist sizes.
  • Quick to put on: You can put on and take off your chainsaw chaps within a few seconds.
  • Vibrant colors: The color of the chainsaw chaps is quite vibrant like a highlighter so that you can be spotted even in dim light conditions.
  • Open back design: Chainsaw chaps have an open-back design so they are ideal for the hot summers as they don’t get sweaty very easily.
  • Water repellent: Chainsaw chaps are made up of water repellent material so they keep out the rain and snow and keep you dry even if you are working by a splashing waterfall, a lake, or a pond.

● Cons:

  • Not for other activities: Chainsaw chaps cannot be used by the gardeners, farmers, loggers, tree surgeons, or arboriculturists who have to climb on an elevated or a rotating platform. For these activities, you will have to take them off because their buckles can get in your way when you try to climb the platform.

What does the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) say about leg protection?

OSHA (US Department of Labor) says: “The employer shall provide a chainsaw chaps, at no cost to the employee. He/She will assure that each employee who operates a chainsaw wears proper leg protection constructed with cut-retardant material, such as ballistic nylon. The leg protection shall cover the full length of the thighs to the top of the boots on each leg to protect against contact with a moving chainsaw”.

Exception: This requirement will not apply when an employee is working as a climber if the employer demonstrates that a great hazard is posed by wearing leg protection in that particular situation. And also when an employee is working from a vehicular mounted elevating and rotating work platform.

Buyer’s guide

When buying a new pair of chainsaw chaps, you must use the STAMPED method:

1. Size:

The size of a chainsaw chap matters a lot. The chainsaw chap should be such that you can move comfortably while working with it. They must give you seamless movement on a broad range of angles.

One thing that you must note is that all the risk does not come from your chainsaw alone. You may also need to escape away from a falling tree. In such a situation, an unfit chap will cause more harm than your chainsaw.

The weight and length of a chainsaw chap are both equally essential. It should not be too heavy to cause hindrance in your work or too light to keep slipping off with each step. The comfort of the user must be the preeminent factor to consider.

The task of operating your chainsaw in the woods can be taxing so you must not add the element of being uncomfortable to it. Make sure that your chainsaw chaps are breathable. There are also chainsaw protective pants available online but they can make hot days unbearable.

An open chainsaw chap will make your task a lot easier and comfortable, especially on the hot sunny days. Maximum comfort should be the buyer’s highest priority when it comes to the chainsaw chaps. While looking for a good chainsaw chap, you will come across different types from various brands.

Make sure you pick a size that is adjustable and has pockets. An adjustable chap will not only offer you more comfort but you can also share it with other workers. You must make sure that the pockets are extra strong to accommodate the heavy tools and accessories required in your work.

It is a great way to keep your tools handy.

2. Different Types:

There are 5 different types of chainsaw chaps. Here are some of the most common types.

  • Type A: When you spend some time looking for chainsaw chaps, you will notice that they are sorted into “Type A” or “Type C” chaps. Type A chaps are the most popular, and are protective in the true sense of the word – the fabric only covers the front part of your legs, with straps that go around the back to secure them in place.
  • Type C: Type C chaps technically are not really protective at all – they are designed to resemble full pants that you put on over whatever pants you are already wearing. They cannot provide a wider range of protection than Type A chaps, they are also heavier and bulkier.
  • Kevlar Chaps: You may recognize the word “Kevlar” from descriptions of bulletproof vests, this is the exact same Kevlar used in chainsaw chaps. Kevlar is a type of synthetic fiber that is 5 times stronger than steel, yet it is lightweight.
  • Leather Chainsaw Chaps: Leather fits the classic image of chainsaw chaps, but it may be more suitable for wearing to your local rodeo than when working with your chainsaw. It is best to choose the synthetic fibers when it comes to chainsaw chaps since those will actually bind up your chainsaw and stop it from running.
  • Full Wrap Chainsaw Chaps: Full wrap chainsaw chaps are basically just another name for “Type C” chaps. These are chaps that wrap all the way around your legs – hence the term “full wrap.” Some full wrap chaps will only wrap around your calves, not the upper parts of your legs.

3. Affordability:

You must always cut your cloth according to your size, that is, get something that you can afford.

4. Material and Durability:

Chainsaw chaps are available in different materials or fusion of materials to provide the utmost comfort and security to your legs. Some of the most common materials in this product are Denier, Kevlar, Ballistic, and Polyester. Each material is available at different prices and hence, the level of protection will also vary accordingly.

Polyester and Denier are the 2 most common and non-washable materials and comfortable to use. Washing these chaps can destroy protective fabrics. It is important to buy a chap with material that can stay with you for many years.

5. Protection :

OSHA (US Department of Labor) says: “The employer shall provide a chainsaw chaps, at no cost to the employee. He/She will assure that each employee who operates a chainsaw wears proper leg protection constructed with cut-retardant material, such as ballistic nylon. The leg protection shall cover the full length of the thighs to the top of the boots on each leg to protect against contact with a moving chainsaw”.

Exception: This requirement will not apply when an employee is working as a climber if the employer demonstrates that a great hazard is posed by wearing leg protection in that particular situation. And also when an employee is working from a vehicular mounted elevating and rotating work platform.

6. Easy to wash and Store:

You must make sure that you read and understand the user manual included with your new pair of chainsaw chaps. You will be able to read washing and storage instructions yourself.


To sum up this blog post, I would say that, the chainsaw chaps are very good at keeping your legs safe. Every logger, lumberjack, or a tree surgeon must follow the rules set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). You must remember that this is for your safety and the prosperity and success of your loved ones.

You must remember that any accident is not just painful for one person but it can make the entire family or a community quite upset. Remember that a stitch in time saves nine. So go ahead and invest some time and money in the most reliable chainsaw chaps.

Material and Durability of Chainsaw Chaps

Chainsaw chaps are primarily produced from sturdy materials capable of withstanding cuts and punctures. An accidental brush with a chainsaw does not easily damage them.

These materials may include Kevlar, ballistic nylon, or other fabrics designed to provide a significant level of protection against chainsaw cuts. As a chainsaw operator, it is a relief to know their durability level is remarkably high.

• Types of Chainsaw Chaps

On the market, two primary types of chainsaw chaps are available. Type A is the apron-style chaps. These are worn over your regular pants and only offer protection to the front portion of your legs. Type C, on the other hand, is more comprehensive.

Also known as chainsaw pants or trousers, they are worn like regular pants and offer full leg coverage. Chainsaw operators hence have the freedom to choose the type that aligns more with their safety needs.

• Safety Ratings of Chainsaw Chaps

To assess the level of protection they offer, chainsaw chaps are rated according to safety standards stipulated by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

The safety rating ranges from 0 to 3. A higher rating signifies better protection against chainsaws operating at different speeds. I recommend opting for a higher rating for maximal protection.

• Use of Chainsaw Chaps with Electric Chainsaws

It’s essential to understand that chainsaw chaps aren’t designed for use with electric chainsaws. The nature of how they provide protection involves them breaking apart to clog a sparking saw internally, which disrupts the drive sprocket.

This mechanism, however, generally doesn’t align well with electric chainsaws, which is important to remember when selecting the right safety gear.

• Selection Factors for Chainsaw Chaps

Choosing the right chainsaw chap pivots around various factors such as fit, safety rating, maintenance, and additional features.

– Fit

The chaps should fit you properly. Some options come with adjustable waist features to accommodate multiple users. A well-fitted chap ensures comfort and enhanced protection.

– Safety Rating

As previously mentioned, the safety rating is crucial in the selection process. It allows an understanding of the level of protection the chainsaw chap provides.

– Maintenance

Maintenance is yet another crucial factor. Machine-washable chaps offer convenience, particularly if you use them frequently. These are relatively easier to clean and manage.

– Additional Features

Finally, consider additional features such as gear pockets incorporated in the design of the chainsaw chaps. Depending on your needs, these pockets can be of significant utility. They offer a handy solution for carrying small essential gear within easy reach.

• Protection Beyond Regular Clothing

Preventing injury during chainsaw operations demands more than what regular clothes can offer. The lightweight and comfortable material of standard clothing can be easily pierced by a chainsaw. Hence, it’s imperative to equip yourself with robust safety gear such as chainsaw chaps.

In conclusion, chainsaw chaps provide an essential layer of protection for those regularly handling chainsaws. Material quality, type, safety rating, and relevant features should all be part of your decision when selecting the most suitable chainsaw chap.

Safety is a non-negotiable aspect when operating power tools such as chainsaws, and chainsaw chaps are an important piece of safety equipment in this regard.

High-Quality Materials in Husqvarnas Chainsaw Chaps

One of the most outstanding features of Husqvarnas Chainsaw Chaps is their construction with premium quality materials. These materials deliver optimal protection against chainsaw mishaps, which can be quite fatal in some cases.

Through rigorous research and innovative design, these chaps serve as a reliable barrier against dangerous chainsaw encounters.

• Secure and Comfortable Design

Husqvarnas designed its chainsaw chaps to fit all leg sizes securely and comfortably. This design ensures that the user can move freely and comfortably while being sufficiently protected.

The chaps are adjustable to achieve a superior fit for users of varying leg sizes. This feature ensures that regardless of your body type, you are guaranteed optimum protection with Husqvarnas Chainsaw Chaps.

• Specialized Fabric for Optimum Protection

The chaps are constructed with multiple layers of specialized fabric designed to withstand the impact of a high-speed chainsaw chain.

Tested under rigorous conditions, these layers swiftly clog the chain, preventing it from cutting the wearer’s leg. This quick action minimizes the risk of severe injuries during chainsaw usage.

• Lightweight and Breathable

When looking for protective work gear, comfort is a significant factor to consider. Husqvarnas Chainsaw Chaps are lightweight, ensuring that wearing them doesn’t drag you down during your workday.

Moreover, their breathability ensures comfortable wear over long hours of work. This not only enhances your productivity but also prevents unnecessary fatigue.

• Quick-Release Buckles

Husqvarnas Chainsaw Chaps are well-known for their user-friendliness. The quick-release buckles embedded in the chaps ensure that they’re easy and hassle-free to use. Securing or removing the chaps as needed has never been easier, making for a seamless user experience.

• Adherence to International Safety Standards

Prioritizing safety, Husqvarnas’ Chainsaw Chaps are compliant with the most stringent international safety standards. They meet the requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM F1897) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

By adopting such standards, these chaps provide professional or personal chainsaw users with a heightened sense of security. For more on chainsaw safety standards, visit the OSHA official website here.

• Assurance in Safety

Using Husqvarnas Chainsaw Chaps instills confidence and peace of mind in chainsaw users. It enables chainsaw operators, whether professionals or home users, to focus on their tasks without apprehension.

These chaps offer not just physical protection but relieve the mental stress associated with chainsaw operations.

• Husqvarnas Chainsaw Chaps: Recommended for All

As an experienced professional, I recommend Husqvarnas Chainsaw Chaps to anyone who operates a chainsaw. Their high-quality design and adherence to international safety standards make them an asset to chainsaw users.

Whether it’s for occasional backyard maintenance or daily forestry work, these chaps are your reliable partner, promising excellent protection and ease of use.

Chainsaw Pants: Features and Benefits

Designed specifically for chainsaw use, chainsaw pants reduce the chance of snagging when climbing. Their design considers essential factors of the user’s mobility and safety. With a relatively high price compared to other options, these pants hold many distinctive benefits.

• Easy Maintenance

Chainsaw pants can be cleaned just like regular clothing. Regular washing does not interfere with their protective features, ensuring easy maintenance.

• Great Ventilation and Lightweight

The best chainsaw pants are usually lightweight. They provide excellent ventilation, promoting cooling during hot weather. However, it should be noted that they often lack ventilation on the lower legs, which can be less comfortable during continuous use.

• Non-Removable During Work

While working with saws, these pants cannot be easily removed compared to other protective equipment. This provides a safety feature because it prevents incidental removal, maintaining user protection.

• Chainsaw Chaps: A Cost-Effective Alternative

An alternative to chainsaw pants, chainsaw chaps offer their own unique set of advantages. These protective gear are worn over regular pants, providing added protection without the need for an entirely separate piece of clothing.

• Cheaper Option

In most cases, chaps are cheaper than chainsaw pants, making them a popular choice for users on a budget.

• Adjustable and Easy to Remove

Unlike chainsaw pants, chaps are highly adjustable. By simply changing the buckle or zippers, they can be worn by multiple people. Moreover, they are effortless to remove, providing convenience and flexibility.

• Great Ventilation But Snagging Risks

Chaps provide excellent ventilation as they are open in the back. This feature ensures that they can stay cool during use. However, chaps are not ideal for climbing due to the risk of snagging. Furthermore, when layered, they can become hot, decreasing user comfort.

• Durability and Manner of Use

Chaps tend to wear out faster than dedicated pants. Through frequent use, regular wear and tear can potentially compromise the protection they provide.

Choosing the Right Protective Wear

• Prioritize Fit and Comfort

Selecting the right fit for chainsaw protective clothing is crucial for safety. An ill-fitting piece of gear can potentially lead to accidents. Beyond just fit, comfort should also be considered. Comfort can significantly affect the user’s ability to perform tasks effectively and safely.

• Opt for Durable Pants

While chaps are cost-effective, opting for durable pants can extend their lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

• Coverage and Material

Chainsaw chaps or pants should ideally extend to cover the boots for maximum protection. In terms of material, lightweight fabrics that breathe are recommended, especially during the hot weather season.

• Consult Customer Service

Customer service teams are well-equipped to provide assistance to users in choosing the right chainsaw pants or chaps. They can provide more information about specific products that can help ensure the best choice can be made.

• Always Prioritize Safety

When using chainsaw protective clothing, safety should always be the primary concern. It is important to remember that while budget, comfort, and style matter, the main objective should always be to ensure the safety of the user.

Lastly, advancements are continuously made in the sector of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention summarises these advancements and guidelines on their website, featuring pertinent information regarding chainsaw safety effectively.

Material Makeup of The ECHO Chainsaw Chaps

Let’s delve into the fabric composition of the ECHO Chainsaw Chaps. These chainsaw chaps are crafted with six layers of quality polyester material. This assembly ensures a durable product that is bound to stand the test of time.

This type of synthetic fabric is known for its strength and high resistance to abrasion. Polyester is also resistant to wrinkles and it’s quick-drying, ensuring the ideal chainsaw chap stays maintained in tough outdoor conditions. To dig deeper into the properties of polyester, check out this link here.

• Advantages of Multiple Layers in Chainsaw Chaps

In the ECHO Chainsaw Chaps, the multiple layers serve a definitive purpose. They create an extra level of defense against potential accidents that come with handling chainsaws.

When a chainsaw comes into contact with these chaps, the polyester fibers clog the chainsaw’s mechanism, triggering it to cease operation before any damage is inflicted. This instant cease operation can be the crucial factor between injury and safety.

• More Than Just Practical

While the safety features of the ECHO Chainsaw Chaps are paramount, we shouldn’t neglect their other benefits as well. Donning these thoughtful pieces of clothing shows a commitment to safety without forgoing comfort.

Polyester is not only highly durable, but it also offers incredible user comfort. Its lightweight yet robust nature enables the user to undertake jobs without feeling burdened by heavy protective gear.

Also, polyester’s resistance to water and mildew ensures that the chaps maintain their quality and performance during adverse weather conditions.

• Custodian of Safety Standards

Most importantly, ECHO Chainsaw Chaps are compliant with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety requirements. This gives users the peace of mind that they are not only safeguarding themselves but also upholding the industry’s safety standards.

As an individual who’s worn the ECHO Chainsaw Chaps, I can personally attest to their quality and efficacy. The safety and comfort they offer make them a worthy investment for anyone regularly handling a chainsaw.

• Maintenance and Care

Maintaining the ECHO Chainsaw Chaps is relatively straightforward, given the easy-to-clean nature of polyester. It’s also recommended that you inspect the chaps for wear and tear regularly. This ensures that they maintain their optimal safety function.

• Final Thoughts

The ECHO Chainsaw Chaps, made with six layers of polyester material, offer a robust and practical solution for those using chainsaws. These chaps not only guarantee safety but also uphold an impressive level of comfort.

The decisive factor that qualifies these chainsaw chaps as a worthy safety tool is their recognized accordance with the OSHA safety standards. Therefore, I recommend the ECHO Chainsaw Chaps to professionals and hobbyists alike. I believe in their capacity to offer superior protection and comfort.

Arborwear Chainsaw Chaps: Detailed Review & User Experience

• Arborwear’s Array of Chainsaw Chaps

Arborwear has left no stone unturned in producing a comprehensive range of bespoke chainsaw chaps. Three specific styles that stand out in Arborwear’s collection include the RAC Calf Wrap Chainsaw Chaps, RAC Apron Chainsaw Chaps, and Plane Calf Wrap Chainsaw Chaps.

As an experienced woodsman, I highly recommend Arborwear’s chainsaw chaps for their quality, durability, and excellent fit.

The RAC Calf Wrap Chainsaw Chaps provide full protection for the lower legs, stretching from the ankles to the knees. I particularly appreciate the wrap-around design that secures with adjustable straps. When wearing these, you can feel confident in your safety without sacrificing mobility.

Similarly, the RAC Apron Chainsaw Chaps affords protection for the front of the legs, from the waist to the ankle. They also feature adjustable straps, making them incredibly easy to don and doff and adjust for best fit.

For those in favor of a lighter option, Arborwear has you covered with their Plane Calf Wrap Chainsaw Chaps. Protection extends from the ankles to the knees, and — you guessed it — they’re designed with adjustable straps.

• A Price Range Suitable for All Budgets

Arborwear’s chainsaw chaps can be obtained for anywhere between $100.00 to $115.00. While some might perceive this as cost-prohibitive, my experience has shown me that investing in quality protective equipment can save you from unthinkable healthcare costs.

It’s vital to remember, after all, that safety and protection in this line of work should be of utmost priority.

• Arborwear: More than just Chaps

Alongside their chainsaw chaps, Arborwear also retails a range of accessories designed to enhance your experience.

These include a Chap Waistband Extension, a Chap Tool Pouch, and a Replacement Strap Set. These additions are priced at $18.00 and $9.00, a small price to pay for heightened functionality and comfort.

In my experience, the Chap Waistband Extension is particularly useful for those who prefer a bit more breathing room or whose stature requires additional accommodation.

And the Chap Tool Pouch? A godsend. It helps you keep your necessary tools within arm’s reach, ensuring you can work uninterrupted.

• Arborwear’s Dedication to Customer Satisfaction

One aspect that makes Arborwear stand out in the crowded market is its steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction. They offer seamless exchanges and returns, ensuring that customers always get the product that suits them best.

Furthermore, Arborwear underscores the importance of properly fitting chaps. For this, they provide a detailed sizing chart and offer customer service assistance to secure the correct fit.

As an experienced user, this proactive approach to customer satisfaction is commendable and offers a level of reassurance that is hard to match.

This article from the National Agricultural Safety Database (NASD) provides some helpful guidelines about the correct fit and importance of chainsaw safety gear, reinforcing Arborwear’s emphasis on fit and customer satisfaction.

Final Words: Arborwear’s chainsaw chaps prove to be a perfect blend of quality, protection, and comfort. The variety of styles offered, coupled with affordability and dedicated customer service, make Arborwear an excellent choice for both experienced woodsmen and novices alike.

Don’t just take my word for it – give it a try yourself and experience the Arborwear difference.