How much do lawnmower blades cost?

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In this blog post, we will look at the cost of different replacement lawnmower blades and compare them. What does a three in one gator blade cost? What does a mulching blade cost?

How much do lawnmower blades cost?

Zero-turn lawn mower blades cost between $12 and $31, depending on the type and brand. Riding lawn mower blades cost between $10 and $40. Our price research shows that the length of the blade is not a great differentiator.

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We will also compare several blade brands to see what brand is cheaper and what brand is more expensive and why? I will discuss the difference in prices between the blades of different lawnmower types and the length of the blade.

The second half of the blog is about different blade sharpening services and their prices in the UK, the USA, and Australia. Scroll on to find out the costs of the lawnmower blades and their sharpening cost at a glance all of which are given in tables.

Different types of lawnmower blades:

There are 5 different types of lawnmower blades:

1. Gator blades:

Gatorblade is the combination of a medium-lift (low and high) with a mulching feature to blend the 3 grass cutting or lawn mowing techniques into 1, so gator blades are also known as a “3-in-1” blade. A gator blade is very easy to spot because of its serrated sections at either end of the blade. Although it makes higher lift mulching possible by using more than one design focus, the 3-in-1 blade falls somewhat short in each area, high lift, low lift, and mulching, to reach that compromise. Yet these blades remain very popular and they are great for all-around grass cutting or lawn mowing use.

2. Deck, straight or standard blade:

A deck, straight or standard blade is the most commonly used blade on most lawn mowers that rotates horizontally. These blades have edges that are slightly curved up to generate a continuous airflow as the blade rotates, thus creating a sucking and cutting action.

3. High Lift Blade:

Because of the more vertical swoop shape of a high lift blade, high lift air underneath your lawnmower provides the great suction power blade. This fan-like suction makes high lift blades ideal for bagging purposes. They also make bagging more efficient, quick, simple, and reduces the chance for the cut grass to get clogged up in your lawn mower’s cutting area.

High lift blades are ideal for cutting tall, compact grass. High lift blades require a higher horsepower engine.

4. Low Lift Blade:

It is designed for side discharge mowing and is recommended for mowing terrain with sandy soil. With low suction power, the design of a low lift blade includes a less-drastic swoop than a high lift blade, encouraging the cut grass to stay low where it is more available to be ejected out the side of your lawnmower.

5. Mulching Blades:

They are also called an all-purpose blade. They feature a curved surface which allows them to work in 3 different ways. First, the blade pulls the grass up and cuts it. Then the clippings are sucked inside the deck and are chopped into tiny pieces. Finally, the blade’s innermost curve produces air pressure to blow the small clippings out, where they are used to feed the soil.

Cost of the blade by lawnmower type

1. Cost of zero-turn lawn mower blades:

BrandBlade typePrice range
Cub CadetHi-Lift$ 20 – $ 25
Cub CadetMulching$ 21- $ 31
ToroMulching$ 20
OregonGator$ 14 – $ 25
OregonMulching$ 14- $ 25
HusqvarnaMulching$ 12 – $ 22
HusqvarnaHi-Lift$ 12 – $ 22

2. Cost of riding lawn mower blades:

● Rear engine blade:

BrandBlade typePrice range
OregonGator$ 29- $ 30
OregonMulching$ 29- $ 30
Troy-BiltRear engine$ 21
Cub CadetFastAttach$ 28- $ 30

● Lawn Tractor Blades:

BrandBlade typeBlade lengthPrice range
OregonGator/mulching16.25 inches$ 19
OregonGator/mulching17.875 inches$ 14
OregonGator/mulching22.88 inches$ 23
OregonGator/mulching23.25 inches$ 10
OregonGator/mulching38 inches$ 20- $ 26
OregonGator/mulching42 inches$ 14 – $ 22
Cub Cadetmulching $ 21- $32
Cub CadetHi-Lift $ 20- $ 23
Cub Cadet2 in 1 $22- $ 30
HusqvarnaHi-Lift $ 12- $21
Husqvarnamulching $ 12- $ 35
HusqvarnaRapid Release $ 15- $ 35

3. Cost of Push Mower Blades

BrandTypePrice range
HondaUpper$ 10 – $ 15
HondaLower$ 15- $ 17
Cub Cadet3 in 1$ 16
Toro $ 18 – $ 37
Earthwise $ 8- $ 10
OregonMulch$ 11- $ 20
Husqvarna3 in 1$ 25
SnapperStandard$ 20
SnapperMulch$ 40
WORX2 in 1$ 17- $ 25

 4. Cost Of Wide Area Walk Mower Blades:

Oregon Gator$ 15
Cub Cadet$ 16

Cost of the lawnmower blades by length

● Zero-turn 38 inches

OregonGator/mulching$ 20- $ 26

● Zero-turn 42 inches

Ariens2 in 1$ 17
AriensMulch$ 17

● Zero-turn 52 inches

Ariens2 in 1$ 17

● Zero-turn 60 inches

BrandPrice range

● Lawn tractor 42 inches

OregonGator$ 14
Cub CadetHi-Lift$ 20
Cub CadetMulch$ 21
Cub Cadet2 in 1$ 30

● Lawn tractor 46 inches

Cub CadetMulch$32
Cub CadetHi-Lift$23
OregonGator$ 10

● Lawn tractor 50 inches

OregonGator$ 14
Cub CadetHi-Lift$ 21
Cub Cadet2 in 1$ 22
Cub CadetMulch$ 25

● Lawn tractor 54 inches

Cub CadetHi-Lift$20
Cub CadetMulch$ 28
OregonGator$ 19

Garden blades sharpening costs in the USA

Rotary Mower$5
Mulching Mower$7
Reel Mower$30 & up
Loppers / Hand Pruners$5
Hedge Clippers$5
Electric Hedge Clippers$20
Grass Clippers$5
Hand Scythe$6
Hoes, Spades, Shovels$5
Axes & Hatchets$5
Dbl Bit Axes$8
Pruning Shears$5
Brush Saw Blades$7
Brush Chipper Blades$1 per inch

Woodworking blades sharpening costs in the USA

Wood Chisels$5
Wood Turning$5
Hand Planer$5
Carbide Dados$0.50 per tooth $3 per chipper
Steel Dados$2 per inch $2.50 per chipper
Wood Shaves$7
Joint & Planer Blades$0.50 per inch

Bandmill blades sharpening costs in the USA

1 ¼” and 1 ½” wide up to 14 ft long$7
1 ¼” and 1 ½ “wide Over 14 ft long$8
2 inch wide bands$11
1/4″ and 1 1/2″ wide over 19 ft long$10

Drill bits sharpening costs in the USA

1/2 inch$1.50 HSS $3 Carbide
3/4 inch$3 HSS $5 Carbide
1 1/8 inch$4 HSS $7 Carbide
Auger Bits$6
Paddle / Spade Bits$3
Multi Spur / Self Feed$6
Hole Sawsstart at $4

Carbide Grinding costs in the USA

Carbide Saw Blades – All types (Minimum Charge of $8.00)$0.35 per tooth
Re-tipping$3.50 per tooth
7 1/4 inch blades$6
Single Flute$5.25 Steel / $6.50 Carbide
Double Flute$6.25 Steel / $7.50 Carbide
Triple Flute$7.25 Steel / $8.50 Carbide
2 Wing$8 Steel $11 Carbide
3 Wing$9 Steel $13 Carbide
4 Wing$10 Steel $15 Carbide
1 inch$4
2 inch$5
3 inch$6
4 inch$7
Thin$0.50 per inch
Thick$0.80 per inch
Carbide$1.75 per inch

Garden blades sharpening costs in the UK

Chainsaw Sharpening£6
Garden Shears£8
Mower Blades£5
Hand Saw Blades£15

Miscellaneous Blades sharpening costs in the UK

Guillotine Blades£1.50 per inch
Pizza Wheel£2.50
Mandolin Blades£5
Food Processor Blade (Domestic)£5
Food Processor Blade (Commercial)£10

Carpentry Blades sharpening costs in the UK

Circular Saws£0.40 per tooth
Chisels 1″ and under£3
Chisels over 1″£5
Plane Irons£5
Drill Bits 7mm and under£2
Drill Bits over 7mm£3

Clipper Blades sharpening costs in the UK

Hair Clipper Blades£7
Dog Clipper Blades£7
Horse Clipper Blades£7

Garden blades sharpening costs in Australia

Axe                                                                            $13
Chain Only                                        $16
Remove Chain, Replace and Adjust$26
Dress Bar$7
Garden Shears$11
Grass Clippers                                                              $12
Crutching Shears (Sheep Shears)$12
Standard                                                                        $10
Mattocks and Hoes$16
Edge Trimmers (Round Type Without Star Wheel)               $15
Secateurs  $9
Shovel, Spade – Reshape and Dress                                    $11

Carpentry tools sharpening costs in Australia

  Chisels and hand planesPrice
  Chisels                                 $9
  Hand Planes$11
  Repairs – Broken Corners, Deep ChipsPOA  

Final remarks

To sum up this blog post, I would say that now you are aware of the differences in the costs of different lawnmower blades and their sharpening services costs.