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Lawn Mower Vs Trimmer: What to Use

When it comes to lawn care, there is barely any comparison when you’re faced with a lawnmower and a trimmer. Each garden equipment has its way of carrying out a task and carrying it out very well. Of these two equipments, the lawnmower is widely used for heavy lifting and for cutting most of the grass. A trimmer, on the other hand, is mostly used to reduce or trim the grass leftover of the lawnmower. When these two household equipment are combined, you can easily handle most of your yard work.

Lawn mower vs trimmer, what to use:

A trimmer is used to trim grass in areas are hard to reach. They are only suited for small areas, like the side of the lawn, or close to a tree. A lawn mower on the other hand is meant to cut quickly large areas of grass, they are more powerfull, and the grass can be collected.

Lawnmowers and trimmers are excellent helpers in maintaining the appearance and neatness of your lawn. At first, people tend to care for grass using a trimmer, but after gaining enough experience, they eventually purchase a lawnmower. However, some people are still unsure about the proper application of both types of equipment. Hence, raises the question: what to Use? Before we consider both options, we must look at some features of a lawnmower and trimmer. In the rest of this article, we will walk you through the use of these major lawn care tools.

Lawn Mowers

Lawnmowers maintain the growth of your lawn at just the right height to keep it neat, thick, and healthy. The two main types of mowers available are the push and riding mowers, and each is available in manual, gas-powered, or electric-powered models. Most people prefer the gasoline-fueled and the electric-powered model. However, if you prefer to push the mower manually, you can consider the “sweat power” option. Lawnmowers come with blades on the underside of the tool, and as you push or drive the mower, the blades rotate at a high speed to cut the grass. If you have a small lawn with little grass, you might want to consider a push mower as it fits your task and saves cost. However, for homeowners with large lawns, riding mowers are the more practical choice. It is not uncommon though, to find people that have small lawns using riding mowers; given the convenience and ability to avoid the stress that comes with a push mower.

Understanding the Anatomy of a Lawn Mower

Regardless of how experienced you are or how new you are to lawn mowing, it is safe to assume that you’re likely to invest in a faster and more durable tool to enjoy a smoother operation. With a high-quality lawnmower, you will be able to cut the grass in your lawn more accurately and within a short time.

Before now, lawns were considered green country pastures that were trimmed by the animals that grazed them. Because of that, it was a bit difficult to find a proper machine to clear the pastures neatly. However, in our world of today, there have been several powerful machines as well as robots manufactured to keep our yards and lawns neat. One of the most commonly used machines here is the lawnmower. A lawnmower machine uses the mechanism of blades at a high speed to cut grass. These blades are adjustable by a lever or a nut, but the cutting blades of a manual lawn mower are powered by a manual force. The wheels are directly connected to the cutting blades, so once the lawnmower begins to run, the blades are also pushed forward. A lawnmower also has wheels through which you can easily navigate your entire yard to get rid of the grass. There are different types of lawn mowers that mak

e use of a unique engine to produce a form of power. Once the power is produced, the wheels will begin to spin at a high speed, and the connected blades will also start to rotate while cutting through the grass. To prevent incoming objects from hitting them and causing potential damage to them, the blades are often stored in a deck that houses them.


A trimmer is usually used to give a lawn that perfect, neat, and well-manicured look. It has a string that rotates at an extremely high speed when powered up, causing it to be able to cut neatly like a knife. Similar to lawnmowers, trimmers are also available in two major models: the gas-powered or electric models. The gas-powered models are easier to maneuver and since they do not have cords, you won’t have to worry about their mobility or the cords getting in your way. However, if you don’t like the idea of fuel or gas fumes, then an electric trimmer is a great choice for you. Trimmers are also great as they allow you to neatly cut around trees, fences, and garden edgings, and also whack away weeds with ease. Since you have to walk around with a trimmer, you should always consider the size that suits you before purchasing it.

Lawn Mower Vs Trimmer: What to Use

Undoubtedly, everyone needs a lawnmower, but not everyone needs a trimmer. While it is true that they perform the same task of cutting grass, their mode of operation is quite different when compared. There are some important factors that you must keep in mind when deciding whether to go for a trimmer or a mower. In this section, we will highlight some of the major differences between the mower and trimmer, while providing important factors that you need to consider if you are unsure about which of them to buy.

As stated earlier, lawnmowers and trimmers are similar in their job description as they both help to keep lawns and turf looking great. They are also both essential tools for proper DIY and professional lawn care. They both help to keep your lawn at the proper height and also eliminate weeds. Also, both tools help to aerate turf, making it difficult for insects and pests to find a place in your lawn.

The major differences between the two, however, depend greatly on their capabilities. For one, lawnmowers are more powerful, effective, and more efficient in mowing large areas of grass. When using a mower, you’ll be able to move grass faster and at a lower physical cost than a trimmer. Also, lawnmowers have a height-adjustment feature that allows you to get a perfectly flat lawn, which makes it perfect for you and your lawn.

Another great advantage of a lawnmower over a trimmer is the presence of a container for collecting grass. When you use a mower, you won’t have to manually collect mown grass from the yard with rakes, like when you use a trimmer. And since it isn’t an option to leave the mown grass, as its decomposition can affect the growth of new grass, you will need to clear the site of all the grass.

That being said, a trimmer on the other hand is a tool that can be used to give your lawn a well-manicured look. It should never be used to mow a large area of grass as this is beyond its capacity. Although the blade (or string) is very sharp, you would still find it difficult trying to cut an entire lawn with only a trimmer. Also, since you’re operating it by hand, you’ll never be able to get an even cut by mowing with your trimmer alone. What a trimmer is best suited for, is those tricky stretches of grass that you cannot handle with your mower. These also include trimming the grass around trees, shrubs, and fences, as well as your hedges. Hence, if your lawn is just one empty plot of grass, you probably won’t need a trimmer. But if you are dealing with trees and tricky areas, a trimmer is a great investment. Like a mower, trimmers come in varieties of models, including a string trimmer. This model of the trimmer is lightweight and helps in trimming the grass very easily.

When considering the best option between a trimmer and a lawnmower, it is best to narrow down your focus to the expectations when caring for your lawn. This simply means that the outcome or result of your lawn maintenance should be put in mind. You may want to do a little research and consider different reviews from people that have used these tools so that you can gain more insight into the best one to acquire. That being said, trimmers are operated manually, and cannot be used for an entire lawn due to the fatigue that the person may experience after trying it. As much as they have their differences,  lawnmowers also share some similarities; nevertheless, both tools come in handy when it comes to the care and maintenance of your lawn. Now that you have adequate knowledge about this equipment, we trust that you should be able to weigh your choice and eventually make the right decision.