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Mowing Under Trampoline, this is the best way to do it

Owning a trampoline for a kid is a great way to encourage spending time in the yard. While it’s lots of fun to have a trampoline, it can also be damaging to the grass below it. If you own a trampoline, you must already know that how difficult it is to mow the grass under a trampoline and the damage it causes to the grass. To keep this grass healthy and neat, it’s important to cut it regularly.

Mowing Under Trampoline, this is the best way to do it:

In general, when you plan to mow your grass, try to move your Trampoline and then mow the grass underneath it. If you cannot move your Trampoline, you should try to invest in a lawnmower with adjustable handles. By adjusting the handles, you can push your mower under the Trampoline and mow the grass. You can also attach an extended grip on the handle of your mower to cut the whole area under the Trampoline with little effort.

In this article, you will learn some effective techniques that will help you to mow the grass under your Trampoline and keep your whole lawn fresh and healthy. You will also learn how a trampoline effects your grass and what preventive measures you can use to prevent it from damaging your grass.

Trampoline and Grass

Having a trampoline in your backyard can sometimes be damaging to the grass due to the Trampoline’s weight. You should also keep in mind that just placing the Trampoline on the grass and not doing any landscaping beforehand can also be harmful to the grass.

You can use several techniques to help the grass under your Trampoline grow better and stay healthy:

Moving the Trampoline

The most common technique to prevent damage to your grass and maintain a better environment for your lawn is by moving your Trampoline every time you mow your grass. It’s recommended to move your Trampoline at least once every week to mow the grass underneath it.

Moving your Trampoline around the lawn can be a very difficult task because most are very large and heavy. However, if you are yet to buy one, you should consider choosing one with a lighter weight and is easily movable. Apart from mowing the grass, moving your Trampoline once a week provides many other benefits to your grass. It provides the grass underneath a chance to get direct sunlight. It also releases the pressure that was previously placed on it, preventing permanent damage.

Adjusting the Handles of the Lawn Mower

The grass under the Trampoline often turns a brownish shade because it’s not getting the desired amount of sunlight. Therefore, under these conditions, mowing that grass is the only option you are left with. If you have already purchased a heavyweight trampoline and cannot move it across your lawn, there is another solution.

As mentioned previously, several lawnmowers are on the market with adjustable handles that can be adjusted up or down. There are even mowers that can be folded in half. This provides you with the ability to mow the whole area underneath the Trampoline without going to the trouble of moving it. Let’s suppose the height of your Trampoline is 36 inches from the ground. Then you can adjust the handle of your lawnmower to below 20 inches to mow the grass below effectively.

Adjusting the Lawn Mower’s Deck

Mowing under the Trampoline is difficult and can cause some injuries, so taking preventive measures before mowing is necessary. Mowing under the Trampoline on your hands and knees is unsafe; therefore, it’s recommended that before mowing, you should raise the deck of the mower to a higher setting than normal to avoid injuries. This will also help you put the mower under the Trampoline, over its legs, without going around the frame.

Adjusting the deck of your lawn mower also helps the health of the grass. Raising the cutting deck benefits the grass blades, which aren’t getting enough sunlight. Using this technique, grass blades are clipped only slightly, giving them more surface area to absorb sunlight and photosynthesize. Making sure to mow the grass under the Trampoline regularly keeps your whole lawn looking uniform. It encourages healthy grass growth and prevents weeds from taking over.

Robot Lawn Mowers

If you’re willing to spend a good amount, you could invest in a robotic lawnmower. Robotic mowers are generally smaller in comparison to regular mowers, as they don’t have handles. These mowers can mow your entire yard with zero effort as they are remote-controlled. All you need to do is set it up.

They can easily mow underneath your Trampoline because of the small size. These machines tend to be more expensive than typical mowers, but they are worth it because they save your time and effort. It’s a one-time investment, and it’d be the best investment you can make for your lawn.

Effect of Trampoline on Grass

With a trampoline in your yard, it is important to take care of the grass under it because a trampoline can severely impact the grass by depriving it of adequate moisture and nutrients. The Trampoline mat blocks most of the sunlight to the grass under it. This is especially a problem for larger trampolines, as lack of sunlight can cause the grass to die.

Other factors also play a vital role in affecting the grass under the Trampoline. This includes the geographical location of your lawn, the type of grass, and the angle through which sunlight is hitting your lawn.

You should overseed the shaded grass during fall. This helps your grass stay thick, prevents browning and weed invasions. You can also install sprinklers under your Trampoline. This will ensure the grass is getting enough moisture.

A heavyweight trampoline can damage your grass because the legs of your Trampoline will dig into the ground over time. Therefore, it’s important to try changing the position of your Trampoline from time to time to prevent scarring the landscape.

Along with weight, the size of your Trampoline is also an important factor. A larger size means your Trampoline is blocking more sunlight. Another important thing to consider is if your yard has a proper drainage system because a heavy trampoline can make the surface under it uneven, and you may end up with a pool of water under your Trampoline.

While not mowing the grass under your Trampoline can have adverse effects on your lawn, there are some cases where it can have a positive effect. For example, areas with cold season grass flourish with diffused sunlight and lower temperatures, provided under the trampoline mat. Also, there are some trampolines with mats that allow the sunlight to pass through them. So, for warm-season grass, this type of Trampoline can be beneficial to keep the grass healthy.

Move Your Trampoline with the Wheels

Moving the Trampoline across your lawn is quite tricky, but it’s necessary to mow the grass underneath efficiently. So, to move the Trampoline easily, you can install wheels on its legs to roll it from one place to another.

In order to complete this task like a professional, along with assuring proper safety measures are being taken, you must know that there are different types of wheels on the market.

Mainly there are two types of wheels are available:

  • Fixed wheels: As the name suggests, fixed wheels are permanently attached to the Trampoline legs using screws. Fixed wheels provide stability via a lock mechanism. When the Trampoline is moved to your desired spot, you can lock the wheel so that it does not move while in use. Sometimes there is a problem with the locking mechanism, so you should read reviews to ensure you get the right one to avoid any accidents.
  • Removable wheels: As the name suggests, these wheels are removable. They use attaching locks to attach the wheels to the legs of the Trampoline when you need to move it. Once the Trampoline has been moved, you can easily remove them to continue your fun time.

Now according to your needs and preferences, you can choose the right wheels for your Trampoline.

Final Words

Trampolines can be a lot of fun for your children, but they can also be very damaging to the grass under them. Through this article, you have learned a number of techniques to mow the grass under the Trampoline to ensure your grass remains healthy. The trampoline mat blocks the required sunlight your grass needs to stay healthy; therefore, it’s important to move your Trampoline often to allow the grass below to breathe and prevent scarring damage.

If moving your Trampoline is too difficult a task, there are other techniques you can use to work around this. You buy a mower with adjustable handles so you can adjust your mower according to the height of the Trampoline and then mow the grass under it. You can also attach an extended grip on the mower’s handle so that it can cover the entire area under the Trampoline. This task can also be done using a mower that can be folded in half. Or a robotic mower that can easily reach under the Trampoline with little effort.