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What is a brushless lawnmower?

If you like to cut your lawn grass in a quiet neighborhood early in the morning, you do not want to make a lot of noise and disturb people still sleeping or enjoying their morning. Maybe your neighbors are already complaining about the sound of your mower. In these cases, you should consider buying a brushless electric lawnmower. Not only is it quieter than other lawnmower types, but a brushless mower also requires less maintenance. In this article, we’ll tell you all about brushless mowers, discuss their pros and cons, and provide some info on the best brushless mower out there.

What is a brushless lawnmower:

A brushless lawnmower is simply a mower that uses a brushless electric motor. A brushless motor uses a permanent magnet as the rotor (the part that rotates) and coils outside. This means that there is no need to get electricity to the motor’s moving part. This means there are no brushes needed resulting in less noise and no energy loss due to friction. In the past, brushless motors were challenging to make and much more expensive due to more complex motor control. Using a brushless motor increases the lawnmower’s battery efficiency, makes it more durable, and needs less maintenance.

Pros of using a Brushless Lawnmower:

● Quieter mowing:

Brushless lawnmowers can make the mowing more peaceful since they produce much less noise than brushed mowers. This means that a brushless mower is better suited for use at any time of the day. Of course, the motor is not the only noise a lawnmower makes. Also, the rotating blade and other parts make some noise. To make the mower as silent as possible, you should look at those items as well.

● Less overheating:

They don’t overheat as quickly as lawnmowers with brushed engines. The coils are on the outside of the motor and can cool down more easily.

● Adjust according to requirements:

Brushless mowers have a much more sophisticated electronic motor management system. Depending on the brand and type, the lawnmower can adjust the motor settings according to the requirements. When it’s moving through small grass, it can slow down, and when it gets to thicker grass, it can increase its speed. For a cordless lawnmower, it means that energy can be saved this way. For an electric mower with a brushed motor, this is more difficult and less efficient to do.

● More Powerful:

Brushless mowers are powerful; they can do heavier tasks quicker, with no indications of slacking. It is also easier to produce more powerful engines as the coil sits on the outside and can be made larger.

● Require less Maintenance:

Brushless lawnmowers require less maintenance. There is no need to routinely clean and replace the brushes as you would need to do for a brushed lawnmower.

● Better Battery Optimization:

With the correct batteries, you can cut bigger yards with brushless mowers. Since there is no energy loss between the rotor and the stator, the energy is used more efficiently. Without rubbing, the mower works more productively under more extreme situations.

Cons of a Brushless Lawnmower:

● Expensive:

The price of a brushless mower is higher than that of a brushed one. A brushless mower uses a more complex smart electronic controller, which is like a small computer. This will increase the cost slightly.

● Vibrations:

When the engine is working at low speeds, slight vibrations can be produced. This is normal, and they should diminish at higher speeds.

● Resonance:

The power frequency can sometimes match or come closer to other parts’ natural vibration frequency, resulting in some resonance.

● More complex:

When tools are powered with a brushless motor, the machine will be more complicated. More complexity means that more parts can malfunction. But it has to be said that current brushless motors are very reliable.

Comparing a Brushless Mower with a Brushed Mower:

Brushless mowers have an efficiency of around 80 to 90 percent.
Brushed mowers have an efficiency of around 60 to 75 percent.
Less friction in the motor.
More friction in brushed motors.
Brushless motors overheat less quickly. Sometimes the motor management electronics has a special build-in function to mitigate this problem.
A brushed engine will overheat more quickly.
Brushless motors are slightly more expensive because they need a more complex motor management.
Brushed motors are less complicated and thus are cheaper.
Little to no maintenance is required.
More maintenance is required.

Working of a Brushless Lawnmower:

A brushless motor uses a permanent magnet as the rotating part. The coil of the motor will surround this rotating magnet. This is the opposite of a brushed motor. A brushed motor uses a coil as the rotating part, and the permanent magnet will surround it. So, in that case, the magnet will not rotate. The problem with a brushed motor is that the electric power needs to be delivered to the rotating part. For this, the motor uses brushes. But those brushes have a lot of wear and tear, that is why they need more maintenance.

In the case of the brushless motor, the coils are divided into several parts, all on the outside. In this case, it is easy to power them just using some wires. The problem with brushless motors is that the coils need to be engaged at precisely the right time, so the permanent magnet is attracted will turn. To do this, the motor has a sensor that knows the rotating magnet’s position, and the motor controller uses this position to power the correct coil at the right time.

Brushless motors have more advantages. Since the copper windings are outward of the engine game plan, there is space to make them bigger. This option is not available for a brushed motor. Moreover, brushless motors don’t have the scouring and voltage drop associated with brushed motors.

Some of the Best Brushless Mowers in the Market:

Brushless mowers are all-electric lawnmowers. Let us have a look at some brushless lawnmowers and their properties.

● Greenworks Pro 60V Brushless 21″ Lawnmower W/ 5.0 Ah Battery:

This is a brushless mowerfrom Greenworks. It offers an hour-long runtime with a fully charged 5.0 Ah battery. It is easy to use and low maintenance and is not very heavy.

● Greenworks Pro 80V Cordless Brushless 21″ Lawnmower:

Another brushless mower from Greenworks. It gives up to 60 minutes of run time on one charge with a fully charged battery. It uses a high-productivity brushless engine. This mower is also suited for bigger yards, and it has a 30 minutes fast-charging time.

● Sun Joe Brushless Mower iON 16 LM:  

This lawnmower is a 600-watt brushless motor. With its reasonable speed, this mower is well suited for both smaller and medium yards. For more significant areas, you will need to recharge to charge the batteries multiple times.

● DEWALT DCMW22OP2 2× 20V DW Lawnmower:

This efficient DEWALT lawnmower also uses a brushless motor. If you plan to use it for larger areas, it is advisable to purchase a spare battery. The lawnmower can easily be adjusted between 1.5 and 3.4 inches so that you can use it for both tall and short grass. The Dewalt mower is easy to use and performs three functions at one time: mulching, bagging, and it has a discharge system in the back.

Life-Span of a Brushless Motor:

We have seen that brushless motors are superior to brushed motors from various perspectives. The question is, what about life expectancy? Do brushless engines sacrifice their service life for more productivity?

The correct answer is no. Brushless engines usually last more than brushed engines. Brushed motors can achieve a lifespan somewhere in the range of 1,000 to 3,000 hours, while brushless motors can last for a much larger number of hours under similar conditions. It is common for brushless motors to provide a service life of tens of thousands of hours.

The reasons behind the longer service life of a brushless mower are less friction and wear in the motor and less overheating situations.

Do Brushless Mowers Justify their Cost?

Coming another important: Is the increased cost of a brushless mower justified?

The answer is yes, this mower is worth the extra money. Let’s see why.

Brushless mowers have numerous advantages over brushed motors. The most important ones are better efficiency and the need for less maintenance. Because the copper windings are outside the motor, there is room to make them larger. This makes the motor more powerful, something that can’t be done with a brushed motor. In addition to this, they have highly reduced friction and no voltage drops.

The benefits you get from a brushless motor justifies the higher cost.

Final remarks

It is clear that brushless mowers are better in many different ways. They are more efficient, make less noise, require less maintenance, and are more comfortable to use. The advantage of portable electric lawnmowers is that they will last longer on a charge, are stronger, have a longer lifespan, and need less maintenance. If you search for a less noisy way to cut your grass, a brushless mower will be your best solution.