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Can you use a leaf blower for a bounce house?

For a party where kids are coming, a bounce house is always a nice idea. Often a pump is included, but sometimes you have to inflate it differently, or you want to inflate it faster. In this blog post, we shall discuss using a leaf blower to inflate a bounce house.

Can you use a leaf blower for a bounce house?

Yes, you can use a leaf blower to inflate your bounce house. You may need a connector to connect the leaf blower to the bounce house. If you do not have a correct connector, you can make one yourself. 

Azbounce4kids / CC BY-SA

A short answer is convenient for only those who are short of time. To learn the detailed answer to the above question, scroll on.

All inflatable objects like bounce houses, boats, kayaks, surfing boards, paint booths, photo booths, footballs, balloons, or bathtubs depend on air for their inflation. A few decades ago, only manual air pumps were used to fill air into bounce houses, bicycle wheels, or balls. Nowadays modern technology has made our life dramatically simple and speedy.

How to inflate a bounce house using a leaf blower

A bounce house is easily inflated using a leaf blower which is battery-powered, electric-powered, or petrol-powered. First of all, you must unroll it. Then use an inflator nozzle to attach your leaf blower to the hole in the air inlet hole of your bounce castle. When your leaf blower is constantly on, the leaks and small holes don’t create a problem. It is recommended to use a circuit breaker for the best inflation.

It is necessary to inflate your bounce house fully before use; otherwise, it can create safety risks. You must locate a balanced surface upon which you can inflate your bounce house. You must make sure that the surface is wide enough for a fully inflated bounce house with some extra space around it for the comfortable movement of your kids. 

You must make sure that there is no animal waste or sharp things like nails, pine needles, thorns, acorns, pebbles, gravel, stones, electric cables, hot water pipes, or low hanging branches where you inflate your bounce house; otherwise, it will get damaged.

For the safety of your children, you must make sure that the bounce house is held in place firmly using sandbags, ropes, straps, pegs, or rings. You must read the limits in the user manual before placing weight on it. You must not exceed the given weight limit by allowing too many kids to play simultaneously. 

Advantages of using a leaf blower

A leafblower will simplify your life if your kids love bounce houses and you are a water sports lover who also travels to the beach to fish, sail, or surf.

If you and your kids are basketball lovers and spend most of your time on the court, a leaf blower is your best and most loyal companion. Most manufacturers of leaf blowers include a pressure gauge within the package. If your kid’s bounce house is not fully inflated, it won’t be enjoyable and difficult to bounce on.

Drawbacks of using a leaf blower for your bounce house

Till now, we have discussed various advantages of using a leaf blower for bounce houses. To give you the complete picture, there are also some drawbacks of using leaf blowers which you should be mindful of to prevent operational hazards.

  • Noisy: A leaf blower is too noisy compared to a manual air pump. It can be very harmful to the ears of your kids while you are inflating their bounce house. You must make sure that you use proper ear protection when blowing up the bounce house using a leaf blower.
  • Pressure gauge: It is difficult for a commoner to read, calculate, and understand the pressure gauge that comes with your leafblower to measure the air inside the bounce house.
  • Valve system: Sometimes, the valve system of your leaf blower doesn’t lock properly while you are inflating your bounce house.
  • Meter is not correct: Sometimes, the meter of your leaf blower doesn’t read the air pressure inside your bounce house fully.
  • Air getting too hot: The air blown by your leaf blower into your bounce house becomes too hot if used outdoors for too long.
  • Leaf blower too hot: The entire leaf blower turns burning hot if used for too long to inflate your bounce house.
  • Malfunctioning leaf blower: If you drop or strike your leaf blower, it will result in its malfunctioning.
  • Waterproof: Leaf blowers are not waterproof or weatherproof, so you cannot use a leaf blower to inflate your bounce house in the rain, fog, or snow.
  • Electrocution: Leaf blowers are prone to electrocution, so you cannot use a leaf blower to blow up your bounce house in a high-traffic area. You must make sure that your kids and pets are several feet away while you are blowing up the bounce house using a leaf blower.
CC BY-SA 2.0 by TwisterMc

Why should I buy a leaf blower?

Apart from the fact that it is a useful piece of equipment for maintaining the neatness of your yard in fall and blowing snow away from your car tops and porch in winter, a leaf blower is a necessary machine that you must possess if you own space-saving inflatables like bounce houses for your kids at your place. You can use the high-pressure leaf blower to blow up your inflatable bounce house within a couple of minutes [depending on its size, shape, weight, and dimensions].

Some customers are extraordinarily cost-conscious that they make a serious mistake. They buy cheap adapters and connect them to the leaf blower, which wastes time and money, as they fail to inflate the bounce house. It is highly recommended that you buy the whole inflation kit, including the leaf blower and the inflator nozzle, from the same brand.

The leaf blowers have improved portability and mobility, with a handle integrated into the design. Such leaf blowers can connect to the vehicle cigarette lighter as well as the household electric outlet. 

Things to consider when buying a new leaf blower for the inflation of your kids’ bounce house:

When you are out to buy a new leaf blower for your kids’ bounce house, get the one that has an affordable price and matches your budget perfectly. Buy the leafblower that gives you more bang for your buck. Look for the ones with free and fast shipping as it will save both your time and money.

While buying a new leaf blower for your kids’ bounce house, you must consider the cost of electricity consumption that you will have to pay now and then. Pick the leafblower that is eco-friendly and helps you save a lot of energy to prevent us from running out of non-renewable resources of energy. Make sure you buy the leaf blower that consumes minimum energy if you like to blow up your kids’ bounce house too frequently.

While buying a new leaf blower for your kids’ bounce house, you must make sure that you select the one with a built-in bright LED light to help enhance visibility during dark or dim light conditions.

While buying a new leaf blower for your kids’ bounce house, you must make sure that it has passed multiple safety tests to ensure that its cooling system prevents the motor or the cords from burning up. You must choose the leaf blower with a compact space-saving size and minimum weight for easy transportation and comfortable long-term storage.

While buying a new leaf blower for your kids’ bounce house, you must choose the one you can easily take along with you when traveling by road in your car, RV, SUV, truck, or bike.

Some more advice:

If you intend to use a single leaf blower to perform uncountable tasks of clearing your yard, drying your carpets, and inflating multiple bounce houses, you must choose the one with the longest hose. You must make sure that the hose of the leaf blower is constructed out of flexible yet strong and sturdy material to prevent cracks and punctures.

While you are out buying a new leaf blower for your kids’ bounce house, you must carefully check the replacement and maintenance warranty of all the leaf blower parts. You must read the product description at least twice. If the product specifications are unclear, then you can contact the manufacturer to get more details.

CC BY-ND 2.0 by GaryPaulson

You should look for a leaf blower that provides the best connection solution, so you don’t have to worry about finding the best nozzle to use. Look for the leaf blower with at least three interconnecting nozzles.

You can switch back and forth between each of the nozzles to use them. You can easily find a leaf blower with the included nozzles that universally fit most inflatable objects, like your bounce house, basketballs, beds, tires, or raft. You should check the plug of the leaf blower carefully before you buy one, as it is necessary to buy the one with plugs that match the outlet in your home.

A common misperception:

Some people have a false perception that a bulky leaf blower is more powerful than a small one. This is far from reality. Nowadays, small batteries and motors work with equal strength and power as the old-fashioned huge ones.

The performance of a small and lightweight leaf blower is always as good as any other huge machine. The compact size is the reason why you can stuff it into your backpack and travel with it easily by bus, train, or airplane. You must always prefer the leaf blower with a hidden retractable power cord to help you stuff it even into your motorcycle storage compartment.

Final Remarks

To sum up, YES, you can use a leaf blower to inflate a bounce house. However, it is better to follow the safety protocols while doing so to prevent any risk of an incident. Make sure you undergo the device’s operating manual and have all the accessory equipment at your disposal. While inflating, keep a check on the pressure gauge to avoid overfilling. In the end, this is supposed to be a joyous moment for the kids, so make sure you let them have fun while maintaining your supervision at the same time.