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Chainsaw holder for tractor. Tips from a professional

If you plan to do some work further away, using a tractor to bring your chainsaw and other things you need is an excellent option. Most users like to bring spare gas, chain oil, protective gear, and tools except for the chainsaw itself. The big advantage of using a tractor is taking some cut wood with you on the way back. But if you use a tractor, what is the best way to take your chainsaw with you?

Chainsaw holder for tractor

Generally, there are a few ways to carry your chainsaw with you on your tractor. The most obvious choice would be to use a tractor chainsaw holder. Alternatively, you could build a custom scabbard for your chainsaw and tractor. Other solutions are to use a box behind the tractor seat or, depending on your tractor, use a wooden box in the back.

In this blog post, I will explain the different options in more detail. And answer some frequently asked questions about a saw haul, chainsaw transport, and hanging a chainsaw by the bar.

How do you carry a chainsaw on a tractor?

If you use a tractor together with your chainsaw, you may wonder how to carry it safely? You may toss your chainsaw just in the back, but that doesn’t seem the best option to keep your chainsaw in good shape. Luckily there are several excellent options to take your chainsaw with you on your tractor: 

● Use a tractor chainsaw holder

The easiest and most usable solution is to fix a proper chainsaw mount on your tractor to carry your chainsaw hassle-free. Such mounts can be fixed to different tractor parts as the package comes with an assortment of clamps and screws. The standard kit includes a heavy-duty, premium quality scabbard so that it can be easily fixed to the tractor or ATV.

You can expect to pay from $50 for a simple mount. And from $100 for one with more options, like bar protection and more adjustment and mounting options.

You may fix the mount on the loader or the arm. After your work is over, you can hook it back to the mount so that you will not forget it in the location. Since it is mounted independently, there is no need to worry about damaging something else. With a properly mounted, sturdy mount, the chainsaw will not fall off on a bumpy ride. 

However, ensure that the mounted chainsaw does not stick out to avoid it brushing with the shrubs or trees when you take the tractor to thick woods. Similarly, if you are fixing in on the loader arm or other parts, ensure that your clothing will not get caught up by the mounted chainsaw when you jump into the tractor in a hurry.

● Mount a Scabbard

If your tractor does not have a built-in scabbard for carrying a chain saw, you can very well make one with wooden planks or other material and mount it on the tractor. 

It is a safer way to carry a chainsaw while driving your tractor. You may take a 2×6 and bore cut it lengthwise down the center. Then clamp it on the tractor. It is not a durable solution as it may split due to vibrations after a while. 

Similarly, you may clamp two pieces of plywood onto the ROPS to make an easy scabbard to mount your chainsaw on the tractor. It is convenient to take it out and put it back after work, and it keeps the saw away from goo and dirt. However, be careful not to back into a tree, and the saw handle gets caught up. Chainsaws with longer bars may stick out if the scabbard is not long enough, and this may result in your clothes getting torn or lead to other accidental damage.

Unlike a wooden or plastic carry-all box, a scabbard will only carry the chainsaw. If you don’t fix the scabbard well, it may fall off. Mounted scabbards may develop cracks, or the clamps may loosen up after some time, and I recommend checking them regularly. 

● Fit a box behind the tractor seat

If you can find a suitable box, you can use that to carry your chainsaw on your tractor. One of the easiest and most durable ways is to fix a plastic pallet behind the tractor seat and fit a milk crate. It will be handy to place the chainsaws and other items like oil and spare gas when you take your tractor to do some work. You may also put up a plywood box behind the seat instead. 

While this is a very easy-to-do solution, some flip-sides include not having enough space or it can block your view. 

● Wooden box to carry the chainsaw

If you are an excellent DIY person, you may make a carry-all wooden box attached to the tractor to carry not the chainsaw, and you may fix it on the fenders or behind the seat.

This method has several advantages. Since it is DIY, you may customize it according to your usage and save the cost of buying a chainsaw mount. And the box can have some room for different chainsaw accessories you might need. Possible flip-sides include heaping a lot of heavy stuff in the box, damaging the chainsaw, or the box cracking due to vibrations.

● Carry the chainsaw in the bucket or floor of the tractor

Storing your chainsaw in a bucket is one of the easiest but far from perfect ways to carry a chainsaw in your tractor. I recommend using some cloth to keep the chainsaw from moving around inside the bucket if you use it. Put the chainsaw in the bucket of the front-end loader when you go off on your tractor to the woods to clean up a fallen tree. You may also tie it on the floor. 

But it is not a good practice for several reasons. It may slide around, making holes or scratches on the floor mat. A saw on the floor is always on your way to convenient access to the pedals and other stuff. Going steep downhill on a bumpy ride, it may slide off, and you may run over it.

The table below quickly compares the pros and cons of different chainsaw carrying methods:

Load it in the bucket
· Easy and simple
· No immediate extra costs
· It may slide off
· You forget and take a fill in the bucket
Jam it on the floor
· Easy and simple
· No immediate extra costs
· Obstructs your seamless movement
· May put scratches or holes on the floor mat
· It may slide off
Wooden Carry-all box
· Carry all your stuff (fuel, oil, wedges, etc.) along with the chainsaw
· No considerable extra cost if you are a DIY geek
· It takes up space, time, and effort for upkeep
· May develop cracks with rough use
· If the chainsaw is not tied correctly down, it may fall off
Modified milk crate
· Easy peasy and durable
· Allows carrying additional stuff
· Fixing it properly takes up space and may block your view
· Some extra cost is involved, especially if you get a pallet as a base
Mounted DIY Scabbard
· A cost-effective solution, with minimal additional cost
· Proper care and safety for the chainsaw
· Avoids the bar from getting dirty
· Easy to retrieve
· Allows only chainsaws, not extra carrying capacity
· May crack or wear off after some use
· If the mounted chainsaw sticks out, it may get caught up in the tress
· May obstruct your movement in and out of the tractor
Ready-made chainsaw mounts
· Durable and standard solution
· Keeps the chainsaw safe and secure
· All-in-one package (bracket, clamps, plates, etc.)
· Costlier than other methods
· If the mounted chainsaw sticks out, it may get caught up in the tress
· Mount needs to be checked at regular intervals to avoid it loosening up

What is a SawHaul?

SawHaul is a chainsaw mount for tractors or ATVs which can be fixed to the vehicle to carry the chainsaw safely and conveniently. It is suitable for all brands of chainsaws and fits well for bars with a length of up to 36 inches. The base kit includes a chainsaw bracket, adapter plate, clamps, and bolts. 

Most SawHaul kits for tractors include a heavy-duty scabbard, a chainsaw bracket, a flat bar adapter plate, clamps, and the needed bolts. You can clamp it to the loader arm, RPOS, or other tractor parts.

Ensure that the loader arms or other moving parts of the tractor do not get in contact with the mount or the clamps at any point. If they do, it will damage the hydraulics of the tractor and the chainsaw mount. Periodically check the installation to ensure it stays firm.

How do you make a chainsaw carrier?

You can make a chainsaw carrier for your tractor in different ways. Put together a plywood box and attach it to the tractor as a chainsaw carrier. Alternatively, you may use a modified milk crate bolted behind the metal seat or on the fender as a chain saw carrying box.

Ratchet strap a cut-out milk crate to the fender, and it will work perfectly to carry a saw and other items.

In all cases, keep the bar pointed away from the operator for safe and easy retrieval. You may also tie it to the crate if you think it will slide off on a bumpy trail. If you don’t have enough space for these carriers, you can make a mounted scabbard made of wood or plywood clamped to the ROPS.  

How do you transport a chainsaw?

While transporting a chain saw either on a vehicle or hand, always ensure that the sharper parts of the saw are well-covered. Using a bar guard or scabbard avoids injuries from the chain and keeps away dirt from getting to the chain. Ideally, carry the chain saw with the bar pointing behind you. Ensure that the chain brake in on when you transport the saw.

While transporting a chainsaw on a vehicle, secure it safely to avoid damage to the chainsaw, vehicle parts, and injuries to humans. You do not want to have a chainsaw flying through the car in case of an emergency stop. You may use a sturdy aluminum toolbox for this purpose. There are plastic chainsaw carrier trays with straps to secure the chainsaw inside the tray while transporting it.

Can you hang a chainsaw by the bar?  

I don’t recommend hanging a chainsaw by its bar. You may mistake the small hole in the chainsaw bar for a mounting hole. It is not. With a full fuel tank, a chainsaw unit is quite heavy. The bar is not designed to handle such a heavy load, and it may damage the chainsaw over time. 

It is better to hand it by the handle, even do I do not recommend it. The disadvantage is that this may eventually cause the rubber AV mounts to take some damage. Hanging it vertically by the handle can also lead to a fuel leak. I recommend using a mounted scabbard for storage or placing it horizontally on a shelf surface. Ensure that the fuel cap is tight enough not to cause a leak. The shelf space should not be wet. Ensure that corrosive substances or solvents in the same shelf space will not get in contact with the chainsaw. 

If you are storing the chainsaw for an extended time, I recommend removing the bar from the engine unit. You can hang the bar by the hole as it is light enough. But I recommend keeping the bar in an air-tight set-up with oil or grease covering to avoid rusting from moisture or dust.