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How to break the bead on a lawnmower tire, these are your 5 different options

Lawnmowers will encounter all kinds of circumstances, tough, tall grass that may be full of weeds, twigs, and stones. In all this, the blade and tire rubber are the ones that face the hostility of the working environment. Therefore, at times, a lawnmower’s tire may get punctured or damaged. Then, repairing the tire becomes necessary because a mower can’t run on a flat tire. The most important part of fixing the tire is breaking the bead on it. Depending on the brand of the lawnmower, the tire sizes vary. But the common thing across the brands in the highly pressurized and tight tires. Hence, breaking the bead on a lawnmower tire can get a bit intimidating for someone who has no experience. Do not worry! In this article, we will explain different techniques to do the job using common tools and equipment.

How to break a bead on a lawnmower tire, these are your 5 different options:

  • Option 1: Using your bodyweight.
  • Option 2: Use a wooden Board and a vehicle.
  • Option 3: Use a pry bar, tire spoons, or screwdriver.
  • Option 4: Make use of Scissor Jack.
  • Option 5: Using a Bead Breaker Tool.

These five options are all different techniques to break loose the connection between the tire and rim. Before you can use them, the tire first needs to be removed and deflated. These will now be discussed in more detail.

General Guide on how to break a bad on a Lawnmower tire:

Lawnmowers have to run through rough terrains full of dirt and debris. Their tires make them heave through tall, dry, or even wet grass. So, at times, they may need replacement or repair. Breaking the bead on a lawnmower’s tire is something a passionate gardener should know about how to do.

Before removing the tire, you have to remove the tire from the mower, inspect it for errors and then carry on with the task. Follow this guideline to get a better insight.

● Remove and deflate the tire.

For all methods, the first step is to remove and deflate the tire. In small lawnmowers, they are fixed by a single bolt at the center. In larger tires of some riding mowers, they may have up to 4 bolts. Simple untwist them using a socket wrench to remove the tire. It would be best to use a scissor jack to lift the mower body by supporting the mower’s frame.

Then, remove the valve cap completely present on the tire’s rim. It passes through the hole to the tube. Remove it to remove the air out of the tire completely. You can deflate the tire using a valve core removal tool. This step can make your work a lot easier because the inflated tire demands double energy to break the bead. So it is recommended to deflate the tire first to save your time and energy.

After the tire is removed and deflated, we can look at the various methods to break the bad.

Option 1: Using your bodyweight to break the bad on a lawnmower tire

Place your wheel on a flat surface. Apply your body weight at different parts of the tire along the rim edges, not on the metal rim itself. Just put one foot on each side of your rim and press your foot. This will make the rim come off easily. This technique mostly works as the size and the weight are comparably small for a lawnmower tire. This is the most commonly used technique so far if you have no tools and want to get your work done immediately.

Option 2: Use a wooden Board and a vehicle to break the bad on a lawnmower tire

If you have tried to break the bead with your body weight, and it did not work. Then do not worry. There is another useful technique.

The first step is to place your wheel on the hard, plane, and smooth surface. Place the wooden block on the wheel’s edge try not to make contact with the metallic portion, i.e., the rim. Using the wood, make a ramp. Use any vehicle that you have and drive over the board slightly. Then place it on the opposite edge and repeat the same process. In this way, the rubber portion of the tire will pop off immediately. Note that this process is for those tires that are stuck too bad with rust and debris. Also, note that your car’s tire starts rolling on the wooden board and not at all goes over the mower’s tire.

Option 3: Use a pry bar, tire spoons, or screwdriver to break the bad on a lawnmower tire

You can also get the same results with tools like a pry bar, tire spoon, or a big and long flathead screwdriver. This method is also quite efficient.

Place the mower tire on the flat and hard surface to avoid it sinking the tire into the surface. Place one of your feet on the rubber portion to support your effort. Place the tool at the point where the rim and the rubber part are connected on the opposite side of your foot. Try not to push your tool forcefully into it. It will damage your rim part. With a wooden hammer, give the tiresome beating along the rim. There, try inserting the pry bar gently between the tire and the rim’s contact. Use it as a lever to break the connection. Repeat the process along the circumference of the tire.

Another effective way to use such tools is to use a bench vise and a metal rod. Use the bench vise to press the tire’s inside edges as it lies perpendicularly between the vise. Use the metal rod to spread the gap created by the vise throughout the ring. As the bead breaks, you can si ply remove the tire from the rim.

Option 4: Make use of Scissor Jack to break the bad on a lawnmower tire

Breaking the bead can be done with a scissor jack. The tools required are the wooden slab, a scissor jack, and a power drill with a suitable socket.

Place the rubber tire on a flat surface. Place a wooden board beneath it and the scissor jack beneath the board. The process is simple. You have to raise the tire, and it will contact some hard surface that pushes the bead to open. You can use the mower’s back frame or some strong metal support. Press the tire with the support and raise the jack either manually or by a power drill. This will require a few attempts, but the tire gets opened easily.

Option 5: Using a Bead Breaker Tool to break the bad on a lawnmower tire

One of the professional ways of breaking the bead is to use the bead breaker tool. This tool mostly lies with the experts. However, if you have access to such a tool, this step is for you.

Place the mower tire on a flat surface. Then, strap the tire and the rim using some rope or straps. The straps should pass through the rim and go over the tires; clamp them onto a scissor jack. Next, by stretching the jack, tighten the straps. Use the bead breaker tool on the tire. This tool has a head that vibrates and kicks on at this end. Use it around the circumference of the tire near the rim and on the other side too. It takes some time, but it is the best method to keep the tire free from damage. In the end, simply push the jack-up; it pulls the strap, breaking the bead.

Additional concerns:

  1. Do not damage the rim: Our first and foremost concern in breaking the bead is to avoid bending and damaging the rim. Damage to your rim, like crimped edges and scratched metal, can cause air leaking issues.
  2. Protect your hands: Always wear gloves. It will prevent you from personal damage by tools like a pry bar and tire spoons.
  3. Do not force: Try not to force the tools while breaking the bead cause if your mower tire has been on the rim for so long, it will be hard to break the bead. Your forceful attempts may cause severe harm, and the whole tire gets useless.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Should I deflate the tire before breaking the bead?

It is recommended to deflate your tire so that it requires less effort in breaking the bead because the inflated tire has much pressure stored in itself. The pressure keeps the tire inflated and its edges tight. Therefore, it will demand double energy and make your work more challenging.

2. How to fix the tire back on the rim? 

Firstly, place the tire over the rim, and it’s best to grease the top tire edge with some adhesive or gel. This keeps the connection tight. Fix the rim onto the tire’s topside using some blunt tools like the metal scale to fix it. Repeat the process on the other side of the tire. Fix the valve core. Inflate the tire and close the valve cap; the pressure will tighten the connections.

3. What does breaking the bead on a tire mean?

Lawnmower tire may be tubeless or with a tube. In any case, they are tightly concealed along the rim edges. This tight connection is due to both the tire and the bead’s geometry, the pressure, and the work requirement. This is called the bead of the tire. Breaking the bead means breaking this connection using some tools. This will make it possible to remove the tire from the rim.

Final remarks:

Tire care when maintaining your lawnmower is not something you should forget. It is recommended to inspect your tires at the start and after every mowing season. In case they are punctured or worn-out, you will have to break the bead to repair or replace them. The task can be performed relatively simply, as explained in this article. One of the various methods should help you do it. If you still do not succeed, ask a professional for help.