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How to Grease a Lawnmower Spindle: Step by Step. Clever Tips

Curious about how to prolong your lawnmower’s life? Greasing the spindle is an essential maintenance, and we’ve got you covered. Our guide breaks down the process into easy-to-follow steps, giving you the confidence to do it yourself.

How to grease a lawnmower spindle?

Remove the key and brake. Lower deck, detach the belt from the pulley. Remove lift links, arms, and brackets to separate the deck. Locate spindles and remove casing. Load the grease gun and pump grease until it comes out. Reattach parts and test the mower.

Want to keep your lawnmower running smoothly for years? Our guide will show you how a little maintenance can make a big difference. It’s easier than you think! Keep reading to learn more.


Greasing a Lawnmower Spindles, Step-by-Step:

The spindles are located on the mower deck of a riding lawnmower. Before they can be greased, the mower deck must be removed. The steps for the entire procedure are listed below:

Gather your supplies:

Before we move any further, let’s list some of the tools you’ll need for the job. You shall need:

  • A grease gun with a grease cartridge
  • Wrench set
  • Screwdriver
  • Cotton rag

It won’t take much time with all the equipment at your disposal, provided you follow the steps correctly.

● Step 1: Perform initial steps

To start, you must perform preliminary steps on the lawnmower before removing the mower deck. These steps are:

– Remove the ignition key and spark plug cable:

Ensure the ignition key is removed and the spark plug wire is disconnected. This prevents an unintentional engine start when working on or close to moving parts. This step always needs to be done whenever you repair your lawnmowers.

Understanding the importance of greasing a lawnmower spindle is fundamental to maintaining your equipment. In my 20 years of experience, I’ve seen how regular greasing reduces friction, prevents wear and tear, and significantly extends the mower's lifespan.

– Engage the parking brakes:

It is better to perform the repairs on a flat floor, such as that of your driveway, as the screws and other small items are more accessible to locate when fallen. Also, engage the parking brakes of your mower.

● Step 2: Detach the mower deck

In the next step, we shall remove the mower deck to perform the greasing efficiently. This step is a little technical, so it is better to follow all the steps mentioned. If you are familiar with performing deck removal, you can move directly to step 3.

– Lower the mower deck:

Before its removal, the mower deck should be lowered to the ground entirely. This lowering is done by pushing the lever for the mower deck’s level adjustment.

The lever is usually present above the left rear wheel. However, before you lower the deck, you need to pull the blade engagement lever so the blades aren’t connected to the ground.

– Remove the belt from the engine pulley:

The belt that connects the idler pulleys to the engine pulley should be removed from the engine pulley and the belt keepers. It would be best to roll the belt out of the engine pulley to perform this step.

 The following parts/linkages need to come off to ensure the deck is entirely separated from the mower.

– Lift link supports at the front:

The deck is secured to the mower frame using various brackets and links. At the front, these links are called lift links. To detach them, you need to unscrew the nuts that secure the link in its place.

– Suspension arms:

The suspension arms connect the deck’s center to the frame. They can be detached by pulling their retaining pins and washers out. Make sure you disconnect the arms from the mower deck’s right and left sides.

– Rear deck bracket:

Much like the lift links at the front, the rear deck brackets connect the deck from the back end to the mower’s frame. Pull them off by removing their clamps and retaining pins.

With all these mechanical connections removed, your deck can be separated from the mower’s frame. Slide it out from underneath the mower’s frame.

● Step 3: Grease the spindles

Now, we come to the most critical step you tuned into this article: greasing the spindle assemblies.

The frequency of greasing a lawnmower spindle can vary, but a good rule of thumb I’ve followed in my two decades in the field is to grease the spindle after every 25 hours of mowing time, or at least once a year.

– Locate the spindles and remove their casings:

With the mower deck separated and right in front of you, tilt slightly to see how many blades and their respective spindles are visible below. This step gives you an indication of where the spindles that need to be greased are located.

Once identified, remove any plastic cover or casing to visualize the grease fitting on a spindle assembly. Use an appropriate wrench or a screwdriver to pull the plastic cover out.

– Load the grease gun:

A grease gun helps you perform this procedure with considerable ease. Along with the grease, purchase a suitable grease cartridge. You can find some information regarding the grease type in your lawnmower’s manual. Both the cartridge and the gun can be bought from a hardware store.

The steps for loading the grease gun are mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Detach the gun’s barrel: Take the gun and rotate its barrel anti-clockwise to remove it from the head.
  • Step 2: Pull the plunger back: Pull the plunger of your barrel back to its lowest position.
  • Step 3: Insert the cartridge correctly: Insert the cartridge into the barrel so the plastic side points downward. This prevents the formation of air bubbles. The cap side is facing upwards. Now, remove the cap securing the cartridge by pulling its handle.
  • Step 4: Connect the gun’s head: Connect the gun’s head back to the barrel, ensuring that it’s tightly fit. Also, push the follower rod of the plunger back to the top.

The grease gun is now loaded with grease, which can be pumped from its nozzle. A hands-on demonstration can be seen from this video:

– Connect the gun with the grease fitting:

The gun’s hose has a nozzle that should connect to the grease fitting on a spindle. Attach the nozzle to the fitting and pump the grease by pressing its lever.

Keep pumping the grease until you see some grease coming out of it. This means that the grease has been pumped entirely into the spindle assembly.

Wipe this extra grease that has come out of the spindle assembly. Repeat the same procedure on the other spindle assembly as well. If it’s the first time greasing the spindles on the lawnmower, it will take many pumps (typically 50) to lubricate the spindle thoroughly.

● Step 4: Reattach the various parts and test the mower

When the spindles have been greased, you can reattach the multiple parts and push the lawnmower.

Related Questions:

Choosing the right type of grease is crucial. Over the years, I’ve found that high-quality lithium-based grease is often the best choice for lawnmower spindles due to its excellent resistance to heat and moisture.

1. What is the best grease for lawnmower spindles?

Some of the users’ most recommended picks for the best grease for lawnmower spindles are listed below:

  • Valvoline – VV985 Full Synthetic Grease
  • Lucas Oil Products Red ‘N’ Tacky Grease
  • John Deere Original Equipment Grease
  • Mobil 1 MOBIL GREASE XHP 222
  • Wolf’s Head Red Grease Tubes

2. How often should you grease mower spindles?

Spindles on a lawnmower should be greased regularly. Generally, the greasing is done once a month, depending on your usage. More usage causes more wear and tear on the moving parts.

For domestic use, they should be greased every month ideally. Commercial mowers operating hundreds of hours monthly must be lubricated more often.

3. How do you know if a lawnmower spindle is terrible?

If a lawnmower spindle needs greasing, it will make a sharp noise while rotating. If you hear the noise, it means you are too late.

Optimally, you do it before you hear the noise. If the spindle has bent due to fatigue or an impact with a hard object, it causes the cutting blades to wobble at their pivot and make a cracking noise. You may also notice the grass being cut in a disorganized fashion.

4. How long do lawnmower spindles last?

The average service life of lawnmower spindles is about 2-3 years, depending on your use case. After that, they might get bent slightly, and the fatigue may also induce failure, thus affecting the cutting performance.


Greasing lawnmower spindles is relatively easy and can be performed in less than an hour, provided all the equipment and tools are available. It would be best to grease your mower’s spindles once or twice every season to guarantee a smooth operation.

It also reduces the maintenance that needs to be carried out on the blades and the mower deck. You can save a lot of money if you know how to perform this greasing yourself. Just ensure all the tools are available and you follow the safety precautions.

Firstly, you will need to give some time to understand the order in which the tasks must be performed. It might seem not easy initially, but it becomes a routine task once you get the hang of it. The spindles are sear the blades and require a grease gun for lubrication.

• Role of the Grease Gun in Reducing Friction

This is an essential part of the maintenance of the lawn mower. The weapon for the lawn is not a complex tool and can be easily operated. Using the grease gun for the spindles helps reduce friction and ‘increases the mower’s lifespan.

Whether you have a weapon for a lawn tractor or a push mower, the process remains the same. The grease gun for a lawnmower is a handy tool every mower owner should have. Storing the grease gun properly is essential when you are not using the grease gun.

Do not forget to clean it after every use. It is essential to stay clean, greasing the spindles. Always remember to clean the grease gun for the mower after every use. Before you start, you will need to gather all the necessary tools.

• Importance of Lubricating All Fittings

Lubricating all the fittings to ensure smooth operation is essential. Try to lubricate all the fittings at once to save time. Do not rush the process; take your time to grease the fittings in the right places.

It is recommended to lubricate fittings simultaneously to ensure even lubrication. This process will help extend the life of your mower and improve its performance.

Please pay special attention to the wheels of your mower, as they are in constant contact with the ground and can wear out quickly. Learning which grease to use for your specific mower model is essential.

– Choosing the Right Grease for Your Model

Different models might require different types of grease. Know which grease to use and how often to apply it. Remember, it is not just about applying the grease but also about knowing how to stay clean during the process.

Greasing can be messy, but you can keep your workspace and yourself clean with the right tools and techniques. So, next time you decide to grease the spindles and wheels of your lawn mower, keep these points in mind.

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      Thanks for sharing! Taking care of your lawnmower is essential. Keep up the maintenance routine and enjoy a longer lifespan for your lawnmower!

  2. Enrique Burke says:

    This article is unnecessarily detailed and should simply state the steps rather than providing excessive explanations. Get to the point and stop wasting the reader’s time.

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      Thank you for your feedback, Enrique. We believe that providing detailed explanations can help readers fully understand the process. We appreciate your input and will consider it for future posts.

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      Thank you, Fernando! I’m glad you found the explanation helpful. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any more questions about lawnmower maintenance. Happy greasing!

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      Thank you for the positive feedback, Calvin! I’m glad you found the guide helpful in prolonging your lawnmower’s life. Happy greasing!

  6. Timmothy Ferguson says:

    What are the signs that show the spindles need greasing?

    • Allard Vdhooft says:

      Thanks for your question, Timmothy! Look for any unusual noise or difficulty in spinning the spindles. Clean them regularly, and if you hear any grinding sounds, it’s time to grease them.

  7. Marian Fuller says:

    I never realized greasing the spindles could make such a difference!

    • Allard Vdhooft says:

      Thank you, Marian! It’s amazing how such a simple task can have a big impact on your lawnmower’s performance. Keep up the good work!

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      Thank you, Tonya! We’re glad you found the process easy to follow. Let us know if you have any other questions.

  9. Marc Harris says:

    How do you clean and maintain the grease gun after using it on the spindles?

    • Allard Vdhooft says:

      To clean the grease gun after greasing the spindle, remove the cartridge and wipe the gun with a cotton rag. Store it in a safe place. Remember, maintenance is key!

  10. Daniel Richards says:

    Great video demonstrations, made it easier to understand!

    • Allard Vdhooft says:

      Thank you, Daniel! We’re glad the video helped. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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    I’ve never done this before, but your guide makes it seem manageable!

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      Thank you, Rita! I’m glad the guide helped you feel confident in tackling this maintenance task. Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy greasing!

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      Thank you, Felicia! I’m glad you found the list helpful. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out. Happy greasing!

  14. Hugh Silva says:

    How often do I need to replace the grease in the gun?

    • Allard Vdhooft says:

      To maintain optimal performance, grease your gun every month for domestic use. More frequent greasing is recommended for commercial mowers. Follow our step-by-step guide for best results!

  15. Mason Smith says:

    Can I use any type of grease gun for this task?

    • Allard Vdhooft says:

      Yes, any type of grease gun will work for this task as long as it is compatible with the grease cartridge needed. Happy greasing!

  16. Avery Neal says:

    I didn’t know greasing the spindles was this important, great information!

    • Allard Vdhooft says:

      Thank you, Avery! We’re glad you found the information helpful. Proper maintenance can go a long way in keeping your lawnmower in top shape. Happy mowing!

  17. Savannah Hawkins says:

    How do I know if I’ve greased the spindles enough?

    • Allard Vdhooft says:

      Hi Savannah! Follow our step-by-step guide to ensure you’ve greased your lawnmower spindles enough for optimal performance and longevity. It’s easier than you think!

  18. Ruby Jackson says:

    Is there a difference between greasing spindles on a push mower versus a riding lawnmower?

    • Allard Vdhooft says:

      Hey Ruby! Yes, the process is similar for greasing spindles on both push and riding lawnmowers. Just follow the steps mentioned in the guide for easy maintenance. Happy greasing!

  19. Darryl Lambert says:

    Are there any specific safety measures to keep in mind while greasing the spindles?

    • Allard Vdhooft says:

      Thanks for your question, Darryl! Remember to wear gloves and eye protection when greasing spindles. Safety first!

  20. Tracy Roberts says:

    Is it safe to grease the spindles without professional help?

    • Allard Vdhooft says:

      Yes, it’s safe to grease the spindles yourself. Just follow our simple step-by-step guide, and you’ll have your lawnmower running smoothly in no time. Happy greasing!

  21. Vincent Hoffman says:

    What kind of grease should I use for a lawnmower spindle?

    • Allard Vdhooft says:

      Vincent, use a high-quality lithium-based grease for your lawnmower spindle. Regular greasing will keep your mower running smoothly. Happy mowing!