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Lawn Mower and Snow Blower Combo: These Are Your Options

A lawn mower and snow blower combo means that the snow blower is attached to the front of a lawn mower. You can use the lawn mower’s power to eliminate excess snow on your property without too much effort. That way, you will remove tons of snow within an hour, but be sure to conduct thorough research to know which products are available before going to the stores.

A lawn mower and snow blower combo attaches a snow blower to the front of a lawn mower, allowing you to clear snow quickly and easily with your mower’s power, though expensive; top picks depending on yard size, mower match, and power/features like chute adjustability.

Tired of the Winter Shovel?: How about swapping your shovel for your lawn mower this winter? Curious about how that could work? Continue reading to explore the world of lawn mower and snow blower combos.


Lawn Mower and Snow Blower Combo Options

Although Husqvarna and MTD are known to make some of the best riding attachment snow blowers, other firms still make ideal attachments that you should try. Such companies give you different styles until you find a suitable one, so look at some of the options discussed below:

● Husqvarna ST42E Snow Thrower Attachment with Electric Lift

With the husqvarna electric lift, you can quickly adjust the machine without the equipment, depending on the terrain.

– Features

  • It has a 12-inch serrated auger, allowing you to throw the snow far.
  • It has a 180-degree chute that can be remotely controlled.
  • The attachment is lightweight, so you can hook and remove it without assistance.

● MTD Two-Stage Snow Thrower Mower Attachment

These models are considered some of the best in the industry. It is made of durable steel, allowing you to enjoy using the machine for years.

– Features

  • It has an 18-inch auger that helps you to chop up the snow and toss it away.
  • The machine has a 42 by 20-inch unit that allows you to deal with deep snow.
  • Its remote-controlled chute can rotate for up to 22 degrees, allowing you to direct the snow.

● Cub Cadet Xt1 Enduro Series Kohler Hydrostatic Gas Mower

The tractor is highly resourceful regarding snow removal, as it has a powerful engine with unmatched performance. The mower uses an air induction mechanism, making cleaning possible, thus requiring fewer maintenance services.

– Features

  • Compatible with most snowblower attachments.
  • It has efficient power, thanks to its powerful engine.
  • Easy to clean due to its induction mechanism.

● Snow Thrower Attachment for Cub Cadet – Cub Cadet 42 Inch

 The company makes superior 50-in two-stage residential attachment snow blower equipment to remove snow efficiently. This 42-inch machine can quickly finish the task and clear snow 18 inches deep. Since the device is made from sturdy steel, you can be guaranteed to use it for several years without replacing it.

– Features

  • It has a heavy-duty steel cutting plate, making the machine sturdy and durable.
  • Easy to run and maintain the machine.
  • It has a high-capacity accelerator, which helps chop off snow deposits. The accelerator is made of polyester, which ensures durability and efficiency.

● Husqvarna 967343901 Two-Stage Mounted Snow Thrower (Manual Lift)

This model lets you comfortably handle snow up to 18 inches, thanks to its 12-inch serrated auger.

– Features

  • It has a 180-degree chute that lets you operate without stopping.
  • The machine can be manually adjusted to work over cement or gravel.

● MTD Three-Stage Snow Thrower Attachment

This machine can easily remove snow from uneven terrain without damaging your property.

– Features

  • The attachment is sturdy and durable, enabling you to use it for many years.
  • It has adjustable scraper blades that help you to plow into different areas in your driveway.

● A Universal Snow Removing Attachment – Nortrac 3-Pt. Snow Blower

The machine is equipped to remove snow deposits from gardens and lawns, making it one of the best attachments. With a 40-foot throwing distance, you will have a vast range to deposit the chopped snow. The operator can adjust the attachment to the direction and location you want to deposit the snow.

– Features

  • It is easy to mount it on the lawn mower.
  • It clears up to 60 inches of snow in one sweep.
  • It has a durable auger, hence offering maximum durability.

● Husqvarna 581 Tractor Mount Two-Stage Snow Blower

You can throw snow up to 50 feet using this model since it has a large housing unit and a power blade steel auger.

– Features

  • Its high-speed impeller lets you throw snow up to 50 feet.
  • The machine has an electronic lift, making lifting the snow easy.
  • The tool has a hydro-heavy duty gearbox that equipment is meant for long-term use.

How Does an Attachment Work?

Depending on your lawnmower, you can quickly hook your new attachment. It has instructions on how to fix it, and there are online manuals you can use. It is needed to ensure the attachment is well-fixed to have enough power to blow a lot of snow from the property.

Tips for Choosing the Most Popular Attachment: The Right Snow Blower

If you do not own a riding mower or tractor, investing in one during winter is the best method to get the machine cheaply. Below are a few things you need to know when buying a snow blower:

● Look At Your Winter Months

The attachment should be strong enough to serve you if you have a long and heavy winter season. It would be best to consider how regular snowfalls happen to determine the suitable machine. Investing in the right equipment prevents you from hiring a snow removal service, mainly if your area receives deep and heavy snowfalls. This is particularly important for large properties and driveways.

In my two decades of gardening, I’ve learned that when choosing the right lawn mower and snow blower combo, it’s important to consider factors such as the size of your lawn, the average snowfall in your area, the machine’s power source, and your budget.

● What Type Of Lawn Mower Do You Have?

If you have been interested in investing in a riding mower for a while, the winter season should be the right time. The items are at a discount, letting you get the right riding mower or tractor at a favorable rate. These machines are good to use year-round, not just in the winter.

● The Storage

These enormous attachments require enough storage space to avoid damaging your machine. Ensure the area is moisture-free since you do not want moisture to affect the device. Cleaning the space and ensuring there are no rodents is also crucial since these animals might chew your cords, which prevents your machine from running as expected. Add chains and weights to your storage setup to keep everything secure.

● The Size of Your Yard

If you have a regular driveway, this combination is not essential. These attachments best serve people with a long driveway and large yard to clean the snow quickly. With the attachment combos, clearing your long driveway will take the least time, and you can remove most of it. The snow blower pulls in the snow, discharges it through the discharge chute, and removes it from your paths and driveways.

● Type of Fuel

Choosing electric lawnmowers helps you save on fuel expenses and maintenance costs compared to your gas counterparts. But do not forget that using batteries in winter will decrease the capacity. The electric mower’s motor is connected to the pulley frame via a belt and pulley system. The frame brackets help to navigate the machine, and the double battery system ensures a longer run time.

● Compatibility

The ideal riding mowers should be compatible with the snow blower attachments. If the attachments do not have compatibility properties, it will be hard to attach these items. Find riding lawnmowers with a plow since they are customized to help with snow removal.

● Pros of Snow Blower Attachments

  • The Speed: Lawnmowers move faster, allowing you to clear lots of snow quickly.
  • No Straining: Since you will be riding your lawn mower when removing snow, you will not twist your ankle or run out of breath while clearing the snow. The lawn mower and snow blower combination equips you with the right tool to operate safely and effectively.
  • Easy to Clear the Snow: If you have a large yard, getting this attachment is the right way to clear lots of snow. It is also suitable for a paved driveway to remove gravel and stones from the property.

● Cons of Snow Blower Attachments

  • The Cost: A snow blower attachment could cost up to $1,500, more than you can get for a quality snow blower.
  • Storage: If you have limited space, it will be impossible to store the attachment because it requires ample space.
  • The Conversion Problem: Since storing your machine with the snow blower attachment is hard, you can remove it after removing your property’s snow. It becomes a hassle for many if you lack a convenient space to switch the equipment.

7 Things to Consider when buying a lawn mower and Snowblower combo attachment

Here are the seven most important things to consider when buying a lawn mower and snow blower combo attachment. 

● Adjustable discharge chute: 

I recommend choosing a convenient and flexible machine that can adjust the angle of the snow discharge chute without having to stand up or leave your seat.

● Adjustable skid shoes:

If the lawnmower snowblower combo has adjustable skid shoes, it is more comfortable for the rider and helps your machine last longer. 

● Clearing capacity:

Measure the length and width of your driveway where you plan to remove the snow this coming winter and choose a machine with a matching clearing capacity:

  • Regular driveway: For a regular driveway, a smaller machine, forty to fifty inches wide, can remove snow from a smaller driveway within 3 or 4 passes.
  • Wide driveway: I recommend a fifty to sixty-inch wide lawn mower snow blower combo if you have a wide driveway. This makes it easier to clear a wide parking area or driveway.
  • Large driveway: If you have a large driveway with space for many cars, I recommend a machine with a minimum of sixty inches wide, preferably even wider. With this more powerful machine, you will clear away a lot of snow within a few passes.

● Electric lift system:

If you opt for a more giant machine, an electric and one-handed lift system offers maximum convenience and comfort, as you can lower or raise the unit without standing up instead by just pushing a button or pulling a lever while seated. 

● Removable wear plates:

A removable wear plate is an essential additional feature contributing to the lifespan of your unit. They protect your machine when set low to the ground, causing no permanent damage to the device. 

As a gardener with 20 years of experience, I can confidently say that the key benefits of using a lawn mower and snow blower combo include space-saving, cost-effectiveness, and the convenience of having two functionalities in one machine.

● It should have enough Horsepower: 

Check that the engine of the lawn snow blower combo is strong enough to handle your situation. This applies both for lawn mowing and for snow blowing. A machine with over 20hp can easily handle challenging environments with long grass and steep climes. The more powerful the engine is, the easier it will get.

Engines smaller than 10hp will have difficulty with any snow blower attachment as this is often the minimum required power to bear the traction caused by the extension.

If you prefer an electric lawnmower snowblower combi, understand that the colder it gets, the less run time you will get from the batteries. This means you need a larger battery if you have to do a lot of snow-blowing.

● Check the snow-blowing stage:

There are three stages of snow blowing that a combo can have. They specify how the snow is discharged from the chute. 

  • Single-stage snow blowers: They cannot handle intense snow and throw it away nearby at a minimal distance. 
  • Two-stage snow blowers: They discharge the snow as far as fifty feet with the help of an additional impeller. 
  • Three-stage snow blowers can grind snow and throw it away at extremely long distances. They are costly. 


● Is It Also Possible To Make A Snow Blower From An Existing Lawn Mower?

Yes, you can! Use the right snow blower attachments, as they can handle lots of snow and are also suitable to work well in snow conditions. You can also look for plow blade attachments if you prefer to push the snow from your path.


Now that this article has looked at some of the most reliable lawnmowers and snow blower combos and shown you the right ways to choose these attachments, it should be pretty easy to choose which machine suits you.

Efficiency should be the priority when looking for such a combination, so you should get enough information regarding each manufacturer to see which makes quality tools. If you know the essential factors to look for before choosing the snowblower attachment, picking the right equipment will be easy.

Cub Cadet: A Diverse Lineup of Lawn Mowers

Cub Cadet stands out for its diverse lineup of lawnmowers. They offer quality options for every kind of user, from zero-turn mowers to riding lawnmowers and push mowers. Zero-turn mowers allow for fast, precise cuts around complex landscapes.

Riding lawnmowers provide an easy-to-use, comfortable solution for more extensive lawns or fields. On the other hand, push mowers offer an efficient and fast method for maintaining small to medium-sized lawns.

• Powerful Snow Clearing with Cub Cadet Snow Blowers

Cub Cadet offers three distinct tiers of snow blowers, each providing varying degrees of snow-clearing power. This classification ensures that no matter your snow removal needs, a Cub Cadet machine is up for the job!

• All-Terrain Performance with Cub Cadet Utility Vehicles

Cub Cadet’s lineup of utility vehicles (UTVs) is designed to tackle any task or landscape. These high-performance machines can make outdoor work more efficient and enjoyable regardless of the terrain.

The rugged design, power, and versatility make them suitable for any task, from transporting supplies to traversing challenging terrains.

• Environmentally Friendly Option: Cub Cadet’s Electric Lineup

Cub Cadet’s commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in their fully electric lineup of mowers and tools. These high-efficiency, low-noise machines are better for the environment and comfortable to use.

Switching to electric tools can significantly affect carbon emission levels in your local area, making it a recommended choice. More information about the benefits of going electric can be found on the Environmental Protection Agency website.

• Professional Solutions with Cub Cadet’s Commercial Equipment

For professionals needing heavy-duty equipment, Cub Cadet offers a dedicated commercial range explicitly designed to withstand intense use and provide maximum productivity.

The robust construction, powerful engines, and advanced features make them ideal for landscaping and maintenance professionals.

• Enhance Your Equipment with Cub Cadet Accessories and Attachments

The ability to customize and enhance equipment is another advantage Cub Cadet offers. Various accessories and attachments allow users to tailor their machine’s performance to meet their specific needs.

This includes bagging and mulching kits, sunshade and snow cab kits, and various blades and tires.

• Online Resources and Support by Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet’s website offers its customers various resources and support services. This includes locating service centers, ordering replacement parts, and accessing operator’s manuals. Such readily available support streamlines maintaining and using your Cub Cadet equipment.

• Test Brief Cub Cadet Equipment at Independent Coucadet Dealers

Cub Cadet encourages potential buyers to visit their local Independent Dealer to test drive their equipment.

This offers customers the unique opportunity to experience the exceptional performance and comfort of Cub Cadet machines before purchasing. I highly recommend test driving to ensure the mower, snow blower, or UTV fits your needs and preferences.

– Ariens: A Reputable Manufacturer of Lawn Equipment

A household name in the lawn care industry, Ariens has built a sturdy reputation for manufacturing high-quality lawn equipment.

Ariens pledges an uncompromising dedication to the quality and reliability of its products, providing homeowners with the robust tools needed for maintaining beautiful landscapes effortlessly.

– Ariens’ In-House Manufacturing

At the heart of Ariens’ operations is its in-house manufacturing process. The company houses more than 1,400 specialists who work diligently to create their top-of-the-line lawn equipment.

These technicians, engineers, and specialists collaboratively channel their unique expertise into the crafting of Ariens’ lawn tools, bringing a personal touch to each piece of equipment they create.

Over the years, I’ve observed that common mistakes people make when using these machines include not performing regular maintenance, using the wrong fuel type, and not storing the machine properly during off-seasons.

– Ariens’ Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process at Ariens is a marvel in its own right, characterized by meticulous management and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

The company prides itself on maintaining a high-quality standard throughout production to ensure that each manufactured product attests to Ariens’ brand promise of quality and reliability.

This dedication takes shape through modern machinery, precise techniques, and rigorous quality inspections.

– Maintaining Standards Through In-House Manufacturing

By keeping the manufacturing process in-house, Ariens assures the exacting standards synonymous with their brand are upheld.

This strategy allows them to closely monitor each step of production, making corrections, improvements, and refinements in real time. The result? A product that mirrors the company’s high standards, consistently exceeding customer expectations.

– Purchasing Ariens Lawn Equipment

The modern consumer is all about convenience, and Ariens understands this. The company makes purchasing their lawn equipment a breeze through its user-friendly website.

With detailed product specifications, customer reviews, and product images, the website carries all the necessary information that a consumer needs to make an informed buying decision. Furthermore, it provides an effortless checkout system that reflects the convenience of online shopping.

– Recommendation: A Visit to the University of Vermont Extension

For homeowners interested in lawn care, the University of Vermont Extension’s website offers a wealth of resources.

You can find best practices, tips, and advice on efficiently maintaining your lawn and using your Ariens lawn equipment. Teamed with Ariens’ high-quality tools, this knowledge can transform any inexperienced homeowner into a lawn care prodigy.

– The Ariens Promise

Unblemished by time, Arien’s promise of manufacturing durable and efficient lawn equipment remains as vital today as ever. They steadfastly vow to deliver tools that lend themselves to easy lawn maintenance, big or small.

They’ve stood by their pledge, and their wide-ranging customer base is a testament to this commitment. With Ariens, homeowners can rest assured that their lawns are cared for by some of the best tools the market offers.

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      Snow blowers are great for areas with minimal snowfall. The blog post offers a variety of options to choose from. Conduct thorough research before purchasing to find the one that fits your needs best.

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      Thank you for considering Ariens! Remember to check your mower’s compatibility with snow blower attachments before purchasing. Happy lawn maintenance!

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      There are budget-friendly options available for a lawn mower and snow blower combo, though thorough research is needed to find the right match for your needs and property size.

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      Thank you for your feedback, Connor! The cost can be a concern, but the benefits of quick and efficient snow removal with a lawn mower and snow blower combo can outweigh the price. Conducting thorough research can help find the best product for your needs.

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  11. Derek Thompson says:

    Does the size of the lawn mower affect the performance of the snow blower attachment?

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      Yes, the size of the lawn mower can impact the performance of the snow blower attachment. Make sure to match your mower’s power and features with the appropriate attachment for best results.

  12. Jerome Cunningham says:

    What kind of safety precautions should be taken when using these combos?

    • Allard Vdhooft says:

      Safety first! Always wear proper eye and ear protection, gloves, and sturdy footwear when using these combos. Stay clear of the moving parts and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Stay safe!

  13. Debbie Fletcher says:

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      Yes, these attachments can be used with different types of lawnmowers, offering versatility and ease of snow removal with your lawn mower’s power. Conducting thorough research will lead you to the right product match.

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      Blades on the attachments are durable since they’re designed for repeated use. Replacing them isn’t frequent due to their sturdy build.

  20. Michael Austin says:

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    • Allard Vdhooft says:

      Our lawn mower and snow blower combo attachments are designed to handle wet, heavy snow effectively. With their power and features, you can clear snow with ease. Make sure to check out our top picks for the best results!