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Which Snow Blower Is the Best: Read This Before You Buy

Clearing snow off your porch or other areas by hand is not an easy task. The solution would be to invest in a good snowblower. These machines make it much easier and faster to remove the snow near your house. People ask themselves which type of snow blowers to choose, considering that there are different types and a lot of choices.

Which Snow Blower Is the Best?

The best snow blower for your situation depends on the following factors:

  • The depth of the Snow you want to remove
  • The size of the area
  • Budget

Investing in the right snow blower is everything if you want to carry out snow removal quickly and efficiently. Some determining factors to check before purchasing these gadgets include the size of the property and amount of snow accumulation in your home or business premises. Choosing the right snow blower will make the whole snow removal process super-efficient.

Choosing the best snow blower

Looking at the available models helps you to understand what best serves your needs, and why you should buy a specific type of snow blower.

Snow blowers are divided in two main categories:

  • Electric snow blowers
  • Gas-powered snow blowers

1. Electric Snow Blowers

Find out if the electric snow blowers are powerful enough to help you deal with the snow in your property. Many of these models are single-stage, which means that they cannot deliver fast results compared to stage two or stage three snow blower. If you live in an area with heavy snowfall, an electric snow blower might not be a perfect choice since it cannot remove too much snow in one sweep. Electric snow blowers are also divided into two broad categories, namely:

● Corded electric single-stage snow blowers:

It is pretty easy to run this machine as long as it is connected to an electrical power source. It also requires less maintenance compared to its gas counterparts. Before purchasing, look for the compatibility of the extension cable as it helps to avoid accidents.

● Cordless electric single-stage snow blowers:

These snow blowers are an ideal choice because they require less maintenance, and are easy to carry around. Since there is no extension cord, clearing the snow is easy even from small spaces.

● Pros:

  • The snow blowers are lightweight, making them easy to move around.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • The snow blowers start immediately after pushing the button.
  • These snow blowers are convenient and quiet when running.

● Cons:

  • Corded snow blowers limited movement such that you can only cover a small area at once.
  • The corded machines also snag on plants and any objects on their way.
  • With the cordless snow blowers, you are limited by the charge in your battery, making it hard to complete the snow removal within a short time, especially if you are clearing in a vast area.

● What to Consider In Choosing An Electric Snow Blower

– Depth of the Snow

If you want to remove snow that is less than a foot deep, electric snow blowers are the ideal models for you. Since the electric models are lightweight, you can easily clear spaces that a gas-powered model will not reach.

– The Maintenance Process

The good thing about electric snow blowers is they do not need extreme maintenance compared to their gas counterparts. The procedures include cleaning and ensuring that the electric cords are in excellent condition.

– Corded or Battery Model?

A corded electric model can handle up to 700 pounds of snow in a minute. It makes it an ideal choice for most homeowners; however, you have to ensure that the power outlets and the extension cord are suitable for cold weather.

Battery electric snow blowers are also becoming popular every day, with several brands making such devices for homeowners. If you have a small space, then the cordless electric snow blowers are always the perfect choice because you can easily change the battery.

2. Gas-Powered Snow Blowers

If your home gets heavy snowstorms, then a gas-powered snow blower is the right machine for you. Gas-powered snow blowers are available in a single-stage, two-stage, and three-stage snow blower.

● Single-Stage Gas-Powered Snow Blowers:

They are capable of handling small volumes of snow.

● Two-Stage Gas-Powered Snow Blowers:

They deal with snow that is eight inches deep and are capable of clearing a large area covered with heavy snowfall. You should also not worry about uneven terrain as these models have got you covered. There are a lot of features in these types of snow blowers, which makes them a perfect choice compared to single-stage snow blowers.

● Three-Stage Snow Blowers:

These are also gas-powered models, and with such a machine, you can handle a lot of snow in a moment. Such a snow blower has an accelerator that moves ten times faster than a stage two gas-powered model.

● Pros:

  • It helps to remove large volumes of snow in a short time.
  • The snow blowers can be used from any location because you are not required to connect to a power source.

● Con:

  • Produces a lot of noise.

● Considerations in Choosing Gas-Powered Snow Blowers

– The Type of Space

Many gas-powered snow blowers are ideal for uneven terrain driveways, patio, pathways, and any other place with excessive snow. Two-stage and three-stage snow blowers are suitable for a large space as they are powerful models that you can depend on to get rid of snow on your property.

– Size of the Area

A two-stage or three-stage snow blower is powerful enough to get rid of the snow in a short moment. These models are suitable for areas that receive heavy snow storms so that you do not take a lot of time to clear it.

– Will You Pick A Single-Stage, Two-Stage, Or Three-Stage Snow Blower?

Single-stage gas-powered snow blowers are always ideal for places that receive less snow. However, the two-stage and three-stage snow blowers are powerful, making snow removal easy since you do not have to use too much energy. Looking at the space and the volume of snow that you want to clear helps you determine which model best suits you.

– Snow Blower Features to Look For During Purchase

  • Power: A powerful engine that helps run the snow blower effectively.
  • The clearing width and intake height of the snow blower because they determine how much snow you can clear in one sweep.
  • Warmed handles: Find a machine with handles that are covered in warm materials to help you work effectively.
  • Headlights to ensure you can see what is ahead when clearing snow.
  • Large tires to help you navigate around your property.
  • Speed control: The speed control buttons that enable you to pause, move forward and also reverse the machine.
  • Chute: A chute that lets you discharge the snow in the right direction.

Hand Snow Shovel

Another tool that is used for clearing snow asides from the snow blowers mentioned above is a; Hand Snow Shovel

The changes in technology have made it possible to get hand snow shovels. Each brand is unique; however, such innovations make it hard to operate. Before buying these items, know the; pros, cons, and the right buying guide.

● Pro:

  • Easy to move around with the shovel.

● Cons:

  • Hand snow shovels are tiring, and some people get blisters after using them for a couple of hours.
  • Removes less snow, which means you need to take a long time to finish removing snow.

● What to Look For Before Buying A Hand Snow Shovel:

– The Right Blade

Whenever you want to purchase a hand snow shovel, make sure that the blade is made from the right materials and is shaped in a way it can collect snow. A flat shovel is needed to dig on piles of snow, whereas a rounded one helps to remove the snow, toss it to the side and make a path. Also, determine if you want metallic or plastic blades.

Plastic Blades:

These are easy to maneuver because snow does not get stuck on the surface. However, the blade can break easily, which makes it a less quality item to buy.

Metallic Blades:

Carries enormous loads of snow because they are strong enough to hold that weight. However, the blade is heavy, and if not handled well, you can easily injure those around you.

– Pick the Right Handle

Snow shovels are made from different materials such as metal, plastic, wood, and fiberglass. Pick the material that best suits you and is less likely to cause blisters.

– Test the Shovel

Before you take your shovel home, test to see if it collects the snow well. Look at the handles of the shovel and ensure that you feel comfortable using it.


The type of snowblower you pick is dependent on the area you live in, and the amount of snow received each winter season. This guide makes it easy to know the different types of snow blowers available, making every model exceptional and a buying guide to assist you the next time you are out shopping for a snowblower.