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How much do snowblowers weigh?

In this blog post we will look at the weights of snowblowers. We have compared different blowers from 14 famous brands.

How much do snowblowers weigh?

The weight of a snowblower depends mostly on the type. Single stage snowblowers are the lighest with weights between 34 lbs / 15 kg and 95 lbs / 43 kg. Two-stage snowblowers are generally much heavier because of there more complex design, and stronger build, and can weigh up to 303 lbs / 137 kg, Three-stage snowblowers are in the same weight class. Electric-powered snowblowers can be heavier than gas blowers due to the weight of the batteries. Tractor mount snowblowers are among the heaviest snowblowers.

Snow blower weights compared

For 14 famous brands we have compared the weight for home and semi professional blowers. We have omitted bigger and havier professional blowers.

Gas and electric snowblowers weight compared

Gas-powered snowblower
Electric-powered snowblower
276 lbs / 125 kg
283 lbs / 128 kg
Briggs & Stratton
192 lbs / 87 kg
189 lbs / 86
191 lbs / 87 kg
265 lbs / 120 kg
212 lbs / 96
197 lbs / 89 kg
Power Smart
187 lbs / 85 kg
55 lbs / 25 kg
279 lbs / 127 kg
Yard Machines
90 lbs / 41 kg

Single stage, two-stage, and three-stage snowblowers weight compared

Single-stage snowblower
Two-stage snowblower  
Three-stage snowblower
95 lbs / 43 kg
220 lbs / 100 kg
Briggs & Stratton
98 lbs / 44 kg
189 lbs / 86 kg
95 lbs / 43 kg
186 lbs / 84 kg
283 lbs / 128 kg
Cub Cadet
240 lbs / 109 kg
270 lbs / 122 kg
93 lbs / 42 kg
276 lbs / 125 kg
200 lbs / 91 kg
72 lbs / 33 kg
Poulan Pro
34 lbs / 16 kg
240 lbs / 109 kg
95 lbs / 43 kg
303 lbs / 137 kg
204 lbs / 93 kg
84 lbs / 38 kg
Yard Machines
90 lbs / 41 kg

Tractor mount snowblowers weight compared

Tractor mount snowblower
Cub Cadet
277 lbs / 126 kg
242 lbs / 110 kg

Weight conclusion

The heaviest gas-powered snowblower in our comparison is manufactured by Troy-Bilt, and weighs about 279 lbs / 127 kg. Ariens snowblowers are not much lighter with a weight of 276 lbs / 125 kg. Power Smart gas-powered snow blower has the lightest weight, weighing just 187 lbs / 185 kg. Of course in real use the snowblower will even be heavier with a full gas tank.

Electric-powered snowblowers can be even heavier due to the weight of the batteries. In most cases the heavier electric snowblowers also have a larget battery pack. In our comparison the heaviest is the Ariens with a weight around 283 lbs / 128 kg. Where the much smaller Toro electric-powered snowblower only weighs 55 lbs / 25 kg.

The heaviest single-stage snowblowers are manufactured by Ariens and Craftsman, they both weigh about 95 lbs / 43 kg. Poulan Pro’s single-stage snowblower has the lightest weight at 34 lbs / 15 kg.

Two-stage snowblowers are generally much heavier. This is because they use a more complex design, they are larger, and are mostly stronger build as they have to cope with much more snow. The heaviest two-stage snowblowers are manufactured by Simplicity with a weight of around 303 lbs / 137 kg. The lightest two-stage snowblower in our comparison is the Craftsman’s 2 stage snowblower that weight around 186 lbs / 84 kg.

Three-stage snowblowers are in the same weight class as two-stage snowblowers. But where you can find some lighter two-stage snowblowers under 200 pounds (90 kg), we could not find similar weight three-stage snowblowers. This is because three-stage snowblowers are used for more tougher environments and need strong machines. The heaviest in our comparision is manufactured by Craftsman, and weighs around 283 lbs / 128 kg. The lightest was the Cub Cadet’s 3 stage snowblower with a weight of around 270 lbs / 122 kg.

Tractor mount snowblowers are among the heaviest snowblowers. The heaviest tractor mount snowblowers in our comparison is manufactured by Cub Cadet with a weight of around 277 lbs / 126 kg. Husqvarna’s tractor mount snowblower is a little bit lighter, but still weighs around 242 lbs / 110 kg.

Advantages of using front weight kit on your snowblower

When you move your snowblower through the thick blankets of deep and heavy snow, your snowblower may bump up off the slippery or sloppy ground, leading you to miss certain more bumpy and uneven spots while you try to clear them by blowing away the snow. Front weight kits serve 2 really important purposes for two-stage snow blowers. Front weight kits prevent front kick-up because they are typically bolted onto the top of your snowblower bucket. The extra front weight kits are really helpful in keeping your snowblower firmly planted onto any type of terrain or gradient.

1. Prevent Kicking up:

The front weight kits are very helpful in preventing your snowblower from kicking up as you are clearing through snowdrifts.

2. Counter balance the back wheels:

The weight of your snowblower is counter-balanced on its back wheels. When you are planning to add a heavy snow cab to the backside of your snowblower, the weight of your snowblower is no longer balanced. As a result, your snowblower tends to kick up much more often.

If you want to attach an additional heavy snow cab, you should consider a front weight kit for your safety.

What are some of the additional accessories that I need to buy for my snowblower?

1. Front weight kit:

An average front weight kit will add 10 pounds of extra weight to your snowblower. Front weight kit gives your snowblower more snow digging, blowing, chewing, and throwing power. Adding a front weight kit to your snowblower helps keep its augers close to the slippery, uneven, rocky snow-covered surface.

Front weight kit allows your snowblower to dig into the snow, especially when you are moving it over bumps of tightly packed snow. A front weight kit can also be used to help balance the snowblower if you find it necessary to install a snowblower cab. The front weight kit will increase the overall weight of your snowblower.

2. Floor mat:

After spending a busy and tiresome day of snow blowing and snow throwing, your snowblower is most likely covered in salt, ice, snow, mud, gravel, or small stones. When you bring it inside your shed or garage, the snow will melt and other dirty particles of mud or salt will probably dust off. If you want to prevent having a slippery floor to keep your pets and kids safe, you must place a protective floor mat under your snow blower even when taking a short break for a single night.

For example, the floor mat for snowblowers is specially designed out of water-resistant and cut retardant material which will contain the melted snow or ice, and also protect the floor surface of your shed or garage from scratches or smelly and irritating fluid leaks. The floor mat will not increase the overall weight of your snowblower because it is used for storage after use.

3. Snowblower cover:

Snowblower covers are stitched out of water-resistant fabric that does not shrink or stretch even under harsh outdoor weather. If you live in a narrow condo, or your garage or shed is too small to fit your snowblower, you will have to leave it outside in the harsh and unkind wintry elements, these covers are very helpful in protecting your precious snowblower against rain, hail, wind, snow, fog, haze, shine, bird droppings, rodent feces and other unwanted and unhygienic sources of debris. Snowblower cover will not increase the overall weight of your snowblower because it is used for storage after use.

4. Snowblower gloves:

Unless you have hand warmer handles installed on your snow blower, you must consider buying a pair of reliable and affordable snow blower gloves. Snowblower gloves are manufactured out of water repellent and cut retardant material. They are designed to provide extra safety, protection, warmth, and comfort to your hands when you are battling multiple inches or feet of snow.

5. Snow Jet Spray:

If you have ever had trouble with snow sticking to your snow blower’s auger, chute, tires or handle or piling up enough to cause a clog which in turn stalls its engine, you must never forget to carry a can of snow jet spray with you all the time. Snowblowers are tired of dirty snow, salt, ice, mud, or bird droppings clinging to their metal surfaces. When you are done using your snowblower, you can save lots of time cleaning off or wiping off the wet snow either.

6. Tire chains:

Sometimes on sloppy or bumpy surfaces your snowblower begins to slip and slide across the surface while you are clearing and throwing away the snow. This action is similar to when you slip on ice. Tire chains are a great way to save the snowblower from losing its path and coming off the slope without your intention.

When the snow begins to melt during the daytime but freezes again after the sunset over the nighttime, this can cause your driveway and sidewalks to develop an underlying layer of a thick and hard sheet of ice. So when you go to clear snow in the early morning, the rubber wheels of your snowblower may slip on this underlying layer of a thick and hard sheet of ice. Tire chains are easily available and can be installed quickly to give you added ice-gripping traction.

Tire chains will increase the overall weight of your snowblower. 

7. Snow cab:

A snowblower cab protects you from the most extreme windy and wet winter weather conditions. A snow blower cab prevents you from getting a face full of snow, blown back from the discharge chute of your snowblower. The freeze-resistant, heavy-duty fabric shell will allow you to work in those nightmare-like blizzard conditions.

The Standard snow blower cab fits all single and 2 stage snow blowers. The Deluxe cab fits all 2 stage snow blowers. Snow cab will increase the overall weight of your snowblower.

8. Melt buddy:

The Melt Buddy is a very helpful ice-melt (salt) spreader accessory that attaches to Ariens Sno-Thro and many other manufacturer’s snow blowers. Imagine how comfortable it will be when you don’t have to drag that heavy bag of salt around to spread on your driveway and sidewalk. Instead, the Melt Buddy allows you to spread salt at the same time as you clear snow. Melt buddy will increase the overall weight of your snowblower.

Final remarks

Front weight kits, tire chains, snow cab, and melt buddy are those additional accessories that will increase the overall weight of your snowblower. The other four additional accessories have nothing to do with the weight of your snowblower. Snowblower gloves are used for your safety.

Snowblower cover and floor mats are used for convenient storage of your snow blower and snow jet spray make cleaning of your snowblower easy.