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Lawn Mower Vs Lawn Tractor: What to Choose

If you want to invest in lawn care tools for the first time or as a first-time homeowner, it is good to easily buy the right equipment to keep your yard in great shape. When shopping for these products, research on the items on time before visiting the stores to avoid impulse buying or investing in the wrong one. You will come across two distinct types of lawn care tools, which are; lawnmowers and lawn tractors.

Lawn Mower vs Lawn Tractor, what to choose:

The main deciding factor between a lawnmower and a lawn tractor will be the size of your yard. If you have a large yard a lawn tractor is a good choice, where for a smaller lawn a lawnmower is a better option. A lawn tractor is much more expensive but has the advantage that you can add all kinds of attachments, like a snowblower.

Most people get confused about which one to buy since each serves you differently. Reading about each model helps to know which one helps cut the grass, bush, and other vegetation in your compound. The main concern comes in when you think about the safety and how you navigate around your property. The only way you can make the right choice is knowing how the tools run, hence settling for a quality lawn care tool.

Learn the differences between lawnmowers and tractors, and what makes each a favorable deal for your yard.

Lawn Mowers

Lawnmowers are easy machines to use, allowing you to navigate in your yard comfortably. Although the products may vary based on the manufacturer, most products have a powerful engine that helps to rotate the blades horizontally, ensuring you cut the grass fast. However, other lawnmowers spin the blades vertically, so choose the ideal model based on the task ahead. Lawnmowers are also categorized in different styles, including:

  • Push mowers
  • Self-operating robotic mowers
  • Self-propelled mowers

Additionally, these lawn care tools can be categorized into Gas powered and Electric models.

● Gas-Powered

There is a wide variety of gas-powered lawnmowers, with small to large engines.

– Pros of Gas Powered Models

  • Provide Plenty Of Power: With a gas-powered lawnmower, you can cut the grass quickly, since you can move it effortlessly. Even the cheap models handle the job well as they have robust motors capable of dealing with anything.
  • Durability: These models are by far more durable than electric-powered models, thanks to the robust motors that can work for hours without problems. You will not be expected to cut through the same grass twice when using these machines.
  • Runs Well: Most models can hold up to 2 gallons of fuel, allowing you to service your lawn without struggling.
  • Useful on Wet Lawn: If your lawn care maintenance was already scheduled and it started raining, you will not be expected to push it to another day since the lawnmower can grind through the grass for a couple of hours at ease.

– Cons of Gas Powered Lawn Mowers

  • Require Regular Maintenance: With a gas-powered model, you will continuously maintain it to keep the machine running. Some of the parts that need regular maintenance include; the oil filters, carburetor, filters, barrel, rings, and pistols. In other service centers, you might be charged for any parts replaced.
  • Can Be A Challenge To Start: In case the sparkplugs are wet or old, you may need to pull it a few times before it starts.
  • Puts You In Danger: The blades spin at high speeds than the electric models, so you have to wear protective eyeglasses to keep the stone chips away from your eyes. The fuel can also cause fire, so you should be cautious when using the machine.
  • Heavy: Since the models have cast iron motors, they increase the models’ weight, making them hard to move around.

● Electric Lawn Mowers

The models use electricity to supply power to the machine. These gadgets are further classified into corded or cordless designs. A corded design means that the lawnmowers must be plugged into a power source, whereas the cordless models use recharged batteries to run.

– Pros of Electric Powered Lawn Mowers

  • Easy To Maintain: These machines require less maintenance, and all you need is to keep the blades sharp.
  • Light: You can quickly move the blades around since they are light and move them around without hassles.
  • Run Time: As long as there is electricity in your home, your lawn mower can serve you long, making it easy to finish the tasks on time.

– Electric Powered Lawn Mowers Cons

  • Cables: With the corded model, the cable length might affect how you operate. You have to move it to reach all areas in your home.
  • Not Ideal for Wet Lawns: An electric model will not work on a wet lawn since the motor is weak and could result in a breakdown if forced to cut the lawn.
  • Batteries: The cordless models need to have their batteries charged, which could take over 12 hours, which derails your plans.

Lawn Tractors

It is categorized as a riding mower, which means that you are not expected to push it but instead ride on the machine to operate. These machines have a mid-mounted cutting deck allowing you to cut the bushes, shrubs, and the grass in your lawn. The name is based on its appearance since it is similar to a tractor. The difference comes on since a lawn tractor is sizeable to fit into your lawn. You can reverse a lawnmower, similarly to a car, to cut your lawn within a few minutes, and get ideal results. The deck widths are around 42 to 54 inches, so the best way to know the size you need is through knowing how big your space is.

Lawn Tractor Vs. Lawn Mowers

You can efficiently work on slopes and hills with lawn tractors since the machines have firm front wheels, allowing you to navigate. That is unlike push lawnmowers, which you would find yourself straining in a place where the ground is uneven.

Again, you can easily control the lawn tractor using the steering wheel and gas pedal, which takes less time to run. However, with the push lawn mowers, for instance, you can only control the model by pressing the control levers. The lawnmowers need you to manipulate the levers by pressing forward and pulling the other back until it runs on the right speed.

Although the electric lawn mowers move faster, it is a slow speed that offers a clean cut. That is why lawn tractors would be a preferred choice to many people knowing that the lawn tractors maintain their traction and speed, hence offering clean cuts.

It is easy to cut the lawn using lawn tractors, making them a preferred choice to most people with a vast lawn, since you can effortlessly cut the grass.

The lawn tractors are big, making them harder to store than push lawn mowers, not to mention that the tractors are also expensive compared to any other models available.

The maneuverability of lawn tractors is quite complicated, considering that you have to drive over the cut grass when maneuvering before continuing with the job. Unlike most lawn mowers, you can use it without going over the cut grass as these mowers are easy to turn.

A lawn tractor’s precision is not as good as a walk-behind or a push lawn mower since it has an inferior turning radius, making it hard to get accurate results.

Tips for Buying Lawn Mowers or Tractors

● The Firm’s Reputation

Before you decide on which firm to choose, look at the firm’s reputation. That helps you to know the type of products provided by the team. Ask for recommendations as it saves you from the hassle and ensures you find a favorable team with great mowers or lawn tractors.

● The Ease to Maintain the Machine

You want a lawn care tool that is easy to maintain to avoid consuming much time or energy. For instance, electric lawnmowers are a favorable choice since they require little maintenance to keep them running.

● The Cutting Width

Look at how wide the mower or tractor can cut in a session to determine whether it is a significant investment. See the size of your yard to know how big the lawn care tool should be. You should never buy a mower with a huge cutting width if your yard is small, as it is hard to maneuver in your compound.

So Which One Should You Choose?

The size of your yard is a main factor that will influence your decision between a lawn mower and a lawn tractor.  While a lawnmower is used for a relatively small space or yard, the lawn tractor is best for larger yards. It is best to look at the ease of navigation and how efficient it is to determine which machine is suitable for your yard. If you have a huge property and the terrain is uneven, lawn tractors would work correctly without straining you and keeping the lawn maintained. Again, with lawn tractors, you can attach snow blowers, making them an all-year-round investment. However, compare how each of these machines works to determine which one is suitable for the job.

Final remarks

If you want to cut grass, bushes, and trees from your lawn, a lawn tractor or a mower will work, but look at the things discussed above. Most manufacturers make different models giving you many choices; therefore, weigh your options and know what you need before purchasing a lawn care tool. It is also good to know a few factors that play a part in the selection method, and with time, you will find something that best works for your yard.