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Can you use hot water in your pressure washer?

In this blog post, I will discuss the use of hot water in your pressure washer.

Can you use hot water in your pressure washer?

Yes, there are specially designed pressure washers for use with hot water only. But never use hot water in your cold water pressure washer.

Why should you use hot water in your pressure washer?

Heat is the most useful factor in pressure washing. Hot water pressure washer offers multiple advantages in terms of cleanliness, environmental effects, and the economy. Hot water makes it simple to remove the stubborn stains of grease, protein, oil, resin, and mud when they are caked on.

A hot water pressure washer has the capability to raise the temperature of water from fifty-three degrees Fahrenheit to three hundred and eleven degrees Fahrenheit. The high temperature of the water will greatly reduce the quantity of water to be used, minimize the quantity of the detergent to be used, save your time and your effort. Therefore you will have multiple options to optimize your pressure washing with hot water.

Places like oil refineries, food factories, meat/fish packaging units, poultry farms, automobile shops, and vehicles have congealed fat, grease, and oil on them. They can benefit the most from hot water pressure washers. Hot water pressure washer improves the emulsification.

A hot water pressure washer helps conserve water. It will not harm the environment because it uses minimum detergent or omits its use completely. This process of pressure washing is cost-effective.

The use of hot water in pressure washing will help the surfaces to dry out much faster than those pressure washed with cold water. Hot water can kill bacteria, viruses, and germs without the use of any artificial disinfectants. It will cut the pressure washing and drying time by 35 percent in comparison to pressure washing with cold water.

A hot water pressure washer is good for cleaning large areas which you like washing regularly. The cold water pressure washers cannot remove grease, fat, and oil easily from the surface being pressure washed. They depend only on the mechanical force of the pressurized water jet to remove the dirt, grime, mud, and dry leaves.

If you are planning to remove grease, oil and fat with cold pressurized water then you will have to use costly detergents along with it. You must always use hot pressurized water to remove the stains of oil and fats.

Soap and pressurized hot water combined together help to break down the molecular bonds of fat, oil, and grease from the surface they are caked on and remove them off completely. Another biggest advantage of a hot water pressure washer is that they produce steam which is a natural disinfectant and it will leave your surface spotless.

Can you use hot water in an electric pressure washer?

You must keep in your mind that hot water pressure washers are specially designed for use with hot water only. A cold water pressure washer simply can never handle hot water. Most of these can only work with a water temperature of one hundred and forty degrees and below.

A higher water temperature than this will end up damaging the pump of your cold water pressure washer beyond repair and cause serious defects to all of its components. If you plan to use hot water for pressure washing the surfaces, then it is wise to buy a hot water pressure washer. A cold water pressure washer, as its name indicates, can only handle cold water perfectly.

Important features of hot water pressure washers

  • Most of the hot water pressure washers are abrasion-resistant. They have about fifty feet long monster hose which is flexible with polyester-braided inner construction with non-marring and abrasion-resistant polyurethane outer construction. They have an ergonomic spray gun which is very comfortable to use and helps in preventing fatigue.
  • Most of the hot water pressure washers are backed by at least ninety days warranty. The engine is backed by at least three years of limited commercial warranty. The pump is backed by at least five years of the limited warranty and the frame is backed by at least ten years of limited warranty.
  • Most of the latest models of hot water pressure washers have an industrial triplex pump with advanced oil seal technology paired with ceramic and ceramic-coated pistons for extended seal life. Their heavy-duty matte black steel frame tube and base plate are powder-coated for corrosion and friction resistance and protection. They give out a minimum fuel odor.
  • The hot water pressure washers have an adjustable unloader with a reliable thermal relief valve, which increases the lifespan of the machine by preventing heat buildup and cooling it down. The average PSI is four thousand and five hundred. The gauge rate of their fifty feet long steel hose is ten gauges.
  • The hot water pressure washers have tubular steel handles and a welded axle. Their engine can give you oil alerts when the level is too low and the fuel tank needs refilling. A hot water pressure washer can be used to power wash your deck, remove tough concrete stains for paint preparation.
  • A hot water pressure washer has a built-in step for an easy start of its engine. They have an easy to pull the trigger, which reduces fatigue. They have an engine safety low-oil shutdown sensor that ensures the longevity of the engine life.
  • The hot water pressure washers offer excellent heat dissipation with an easily accessible high-performance axial cam pump that provides maximum heat dissipation and instant cooling down. This pump is located well above the ground to eliminate the need for you to kneel down for hose connections. Their oversized pneumatic tires can absorb the maximum shock.
  • The hot water pressure washers come with an integrated gun holster. You must select the one with a welded frame because it is durable and long-lasting. Before purchasing one, you must make sure that it is certified by CSA and is an ETL listed product.
  • The hot water pressure washers have a chemical injection system which is a downstream chemical injection system. They come sealed in a ceramic blanket. They have a quick coupler system with a spray gun and wand that can be assembled within a couple of minutes.
  • The hot water pressure washers have lockable pneumatic wheels for maximum operator safety and comfortable movement. They have an adjustable thermostat and a Thermo pump protector. They have a commercial duty triplex plunger pump.
  • The hot water pressure washers come with quick-connect nozzles, five nozzles for an array of spray patterns: from heavy-duty pinpoint to a low-pressure wide fan, which includes 0, fifteen, twenty-five, forty degrees, and soap nozzle. They have pneumatic wheels with four-ply construction that are suitable for various terrain. They have increased stabilization against vibration and offer maximum shock absorption.
  • The hot water pressure washers come with an oil bath crankcase, stainless steel valves, a brass manifold, and interchangeable nozzles. Their seamless welded powder coated frame reduces vibration, pipe wear, and resists rust. They feature Power Boost Technology that provides consistent water flow and the pump bypass mode for maximum pump protection.
  • Some hot water pressure washers have an aircraft-grade aluminum frame with a lifetime warranty. This aircraft-grade aluminum frame is lighter in weight than steel frames. It has brushed extruded aluminum tubing.
  • Most of the latest models of the hot water pressure washers have dual handles and dual padded feet for maximum shock absorption. They come with a Thermo sensor that prevents overheating in the bypass mode.
  • Some hot water pressure washers are almost noiseless. They come with a fifty mesh inlet filter. The lubricated and cooled high and low pressure seals greatly extend the pump life.
  • You must make sure you choose the hot water pressure washer certified by the Pressure Washer Manufacturer’s Association (PWMA) for safety reasons. You must select a hot water pressure washer with a detergent siphon hose and anti-puncture wheels that will never go flat. You must make sure that the wheels are specially designed to eliminate the risk of deflation and refilling, for the smoothest and fastest mobility and portability.
  • The motor of some latest models of the hot water pressure washers features a brushless induction. They also offer you an easily accessible on/off switch for ease of use and to save your time and effort. Some of them have a twenty-five feet long steel reinforced high-pressure hose.
  • The hot water pressure washers come with an adjustable pressure valve that gives you complete control over your intended pressure washing task. They have a convenient carrying handle and at least a thirty-five feet long power cord.


To conclude this blog post, I would say that you must use hot water with a hot water pressure washer only.