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The Pros and Cons of a Zero-turn Mower

If you are a homeowner or just about to purchase a home for the first time, then you should know that there will come a time that you have to mow your lawn. A lawnmower is needed for this, but there are so many different types, so what lawnmower type is good for you? If you have a garden with lots of obstacles a zero-turn mower could be a good option, but what are the pros and cons?

Zero turn mowers have a lot of advantages:

  • Versatility
  • Maneuverability
  • Shorter Mowing Time
  • More Comfort
  • Less Weed Eating work
  • High Cut Quality
  • Better Mulching
  • Less Trimming
  • Easy to Use

But some disadvantages as well:

  • Difficulty Going Uphill
  • Difficult Mowing in Wet Terrain
  • Traction Problems
  • Costly
  • Advanced Operation

For a more elaborated take on zero-turn lawnmowers, we suggest you to keep reading this blog post. A lot of your queries might be answered in the process.

A Look At Zero-Turn Mowers

With a zero-turn lawnmower, you can entirely cut your mowing time. If you own a large lawn that requires more time to mow, then this is one of the best devices to utilize. The tractor mower may be precise. However, it can miss essential patches of trees in addition to other obstacles. On the other side, a zero-turn mower will allow you to penetrate the hidden nooks in addition to crannies. With that said, by definition, a zero-turn mower is an average-looking riding lawnmower featuring a turning radius that’s effectively zero. It comes in different unique brands. The models have different hydraulic speed control. That way, a zero-turn mower can be used for both commercials as well as homestead demands.

 Additionally, the device has unique engine power options to cut different sizes of decks coupled with fuel types as well as prices. Typically, a zero-turn mower is faster and more economical compared to other types of mowers. It also has a set of steerable front wheels to facilitate the lawn mowing process. The current models of zero-turn mowers have four wheels.

The first ones are swiveling front tires while the second types are large drive tires. Some brands come with a small and pivoting fifth wheel, usually mounted at the center of the device right behind the driver. Rather than controlling the tires of the mower to steer the machine, the drive tires will end up rotating independently during operations. The tires often rotate in opposite directions. Therefore, the mower is designed to pivot around the midway between the drive wheels. A zero-turn mower is known for mowing thrice as fast as a typical lawnmower. For that reason, it is suitable for mowing large lawns.

You can check what a zero turn lawnmowers cost here.


There are many types of lawnmowers. The zero-turn mower is one of the best. The mower concept was formulated in the 20th century. Many manufacturers have been dealing with the production of zero-turn mowers, and each one of them has its own model. For that reason, there are also several models in the market. That is why over the years, zero-turn mowers have taken some time to gain popularity. The technology used on the device has significantly advanced over the year.

● Evolution

Since efficient and cheaper hydraulic motors are being produced, it is possible to produce more effective zero-turn mowers. The zero-turn mower is efficient. Its ability to operate at high speeds showcases that the zero-turn mower will dominate the lawnmower market for a prolonged period. If you are looking for a good lawnmower, you can opt for the zero-turn mower. The list of companies producing zero-turn mowers is huge; however, we will not focus on these companies. Our focus is on the pros and cons of zero-turn mowers.

Pros of a Zero-Turn Mower

If you have a lawn, you should ensure that it has an appealing appearance all the time. To make sure that your lawn looks good at all times, you should purchase a lawnmower. Although there are many types of lawnmowers, you should opt for a zero-turn mower, especially if you have a large lawn. Since we are discussing the pros of a zero-turn mower, it is good to note that it saves you a lot of time as compared to when you opt for other types of lawnmowers. The zero-turn mower is also very conservative.

The main reason why the lawnmower is conservative is that it is easy to use. Also, people can easily maneuver it. It can also be used to trim flowerbeds and bushes. In most instances, people use weed whackers, and they will spend a lot of time trying to trim the bushes, yet they can opt for a zero-turn mower and save on time and energy. Before purchasing a zero-turn mower, many factors should be considered. For starters, always focus on the floral features and how various obstacles have concentrated on the lawn. After considering such factors, you will be in a better position to purchase a zero-turn mower that will serve its purpose sufficiently.

The width of the cutting deck also matters. If the width of the cutting deck is too wide, you will experience some trouble trying to mow some areas in your lawn. If the cutting deck is too narrow, you will take too much time mowing the entire lawn. Some lawnmowers also have options such as cruise control. Such options are available depending on the specific model that you have purchased. Before you buy a zero-turn lawnmower, make sure that you have scrutinized all the features present in the mower. After buying the zero-turn mower, you will be mowing your lawn in a short period. The zero-turn mower may have numerous pros and cons. However, here are a few advantages to weigh in on:

●1. Versatility

Technology advances daily. In connection to that, the zero-turn lawnmower has been advancing throughout the years. Its operation has also improved so that it can neaten the yard more effectively. Companies in charge of manufacturing zero-turn mowers have also been using different fuel sources. The main reason why alternative fuel sources are essential is that the cost of fuel has been rising. Furthermore, alternative sources of energy have proven to be environmentally friendly. Electricity is also a suitable option; however, the main focus should be on battery life so that the zero-turn mower can operate for a longer period.

●2. More Maneuverability

A zero-turn mower has dual-wheel motors to enhance high maneuverability.  Users can also control each wheel independently.  This implies that the lawnmower can be easily pushed in any direction.

●3. Shorter Mowing Time

A zero-turn mower is efficient. It operates at high speeds. When using the zero-turn mower, the mowing time will be reduced. The mowing time is determined by various factors such as the size of the lawn and the types of obstacles. When you use this lawnmower, you will realize that the mowing time has reduced significantly. The mowing time reduces as a result of the different features that are present on the zero-turn mower. The high maneuverability allows the user to cut across obstacles such as houses and trees easily. Also, you can easily change the direction of the zero-turn mower compared to other models due to the wheels.

●4. Consumes Less Fuel

Since the zero-turn mower takes less time to mow the lawn, it also consumes less fuel. It is also very efficient. Since it will consume less gas, it will suit your needs when mowing the lawn. Meaning, if you were looking for something that is pocket-friendly, a zero-turn mower machine should be your go-to option.

●5. More Comfort

Zero-turn mowers have many features that offer some form of comfort. Some of these features include the presence of a power steering. In the past, people would experience some challenges while trying to maneuver the steering wheel. Today, these issues do not exist. The seats on zero-turn mowers are very comfortable. Some of the commercial lawnmowers have weight-adjusting seats.

●6. Less Weed Eating

Zero-turn mowers have excellent maneuverability and a very small turning radius. That means that you can use the zero-turn mower much easier for mowing close to obstacles such as fences and trees. That means that with a zero-turn mower you will have less additional trimming work to do after you finish mowing.

●7. There Are Numerous Models

There are many types of lawnmowers. A zero-turn mower is suitable for large lawns. It also has many features/attachments, and they can also be customized depending on your budget.

●8. Good Looking Lawn

You may have come across the lawns that have some stripes which might resemble a golf course. If you want to ensure that your lawn has a similar appearance, you should use the zero-turn mower. The easy maneuverability allows you to alternate the mowing directions, and you can easily achieve the stripes on your lawn. There are many stripe kits, and the one you choose should align with the zero-turn mower that you are using.

●9. Cut Quality

The zero-turn mowers type was created to ensure that your lawn is always in good condition. The blade speed is also high, and the cut quality is superb. When purchasing a zero-turn mower, make sure that it is clean, and the blades are too sharp.

●10. The Zero-Turn Mowers Are Durable

A zero-turn mower operates at high speed, and it takes less time mowing. Since the number of hours spent mowing is lesser, the lawnmower will last longer. Also, less time spent mowing is also beneficial to the environment. You will also spend less on fuel, as outlined in one of the pros above. Also, you will spend less money on maintenance. The oil changes will also not be frequent. Fewer oil changes are very beneficial to the environment. The zero-turn mower also produces fewer emissions, and that means that it is environment-friendly.

●11. Clean Mow Job

A zero-turn mower has sharp blades that rotate at high speeds as compared to other types of lawnmowers. Sharp blades will definitely give you that quality cut! Of course, your lawn will acquire a beautiful look after that.  

●12. Better Mulching

The high speed offered by the zero-turn mowers is highly beneficial. Once the zero-turn mower chops up the grass, the grass piles up in a manner whereby there will be better mulching. The grass in the lawn will then regrow well before the next period, whereby you will have to carry out mowing.

●13. Less Trimming

Since the zero-turn mower offers good maneuverability, you can easily control it when mowing. Also, you will not be tasked with spending some extra time mowing the lawn. After the mowing process comes to an end, you will have achieved an awesome and admirable look.

●14. Easy to Use

Have you ever used a lawnmower before? If yes, you can ascertain the fact that the zero-turn mower is easy to use. If you have never used a zero-turn mower, you can look for some reviews, and you will learn more about these types of lawnmowers.

Cons Of Zero-Turn Lawnmowers

Regardless of the pros of zero-turn mowers, there are a few downsides to weigh into. If you own a yard with sloppy areas, then this device is not the safest bet for such a project. However, if you own a lawn with limited areas that have a steep slope, you can easily compromise by utilizing a push mower. Here are the cons of zero-turn mowers.

●1. Traction Problems  

You have heard that a zero-turn mower is exactly what you need to mow your lawn successfully. Perhaps you have also watched several advertisements telling you that with zero mowers, you can mow your lawns half the usual time. Dealers may have also told you that they are selling the best zero-turn mowers. But, did you know that the same device advertised often can also develop traction problems?

For example, rain and snow have an impact on traction on mower tires. Increasing its traction would enhance its operations while reducing the chances of an accident. To solve this, consider checking the tire pressure of the front and rear tires of your mower. You can refer to the manual for insight. Go ahead and remove the tire’s cap on the valve stem.

●2. Difficulty Going Uphill

Your zero-turn lawnmower may work well on level ground. However, immediately you go uphill, it can lose power when you attempt to cut your grass. It is essential to find the causative agent of this issue primarily because when cutting uphill, the device will require some troubleshooting.

In many cases, the problem is pretty straightforward- your device needs major adjustments coupled with general maintenance to get it functioning correctly. Even so, it would be more appropriate to note that you should not go uphill with your zero-turn lawnmower. In fact, you should altogether avoid slopes. Dirt and debris can also slow your mower as you go uphill. When mowing uphill, the presence of mud and grass can slow down the machine thereby leading to problems related to power.

●3. Ignition Problems  

Your zero-turn lawnmower has spark plugs. When pitted or fouled, these elements cannot ignite their fuel vapors. The spark plugs may become covered with carbon, dirt, as well as oil. For that reason, it is important to change the spark plugs to avoid interference with power continually.

●4. Clogged Muffler

Your mower’s muffler is responsible for expelling vapors. When clogged with debris, your muffler can prevent the emitted gas from exiting the mower. This will lead to precarious issues, such as a seized motor. In case you notice some colored smoke coming from the mower, then chances are the muffler is clogged. You can solve this by cleaning the muffler at the outset of every mowing season. This should be incorporated into your maintenance routine.

●5. Environment Pollution

Perhaps your lawnmower may not leap in mind when discussing different sources of environmental pollution. However, it is a significant contribution to its size, particularly the older model that does not have a catalytic converter. Also, running a zero-turner lawnmower for hours produces smog filled with hydrocarbons. You will find yourself often refilling the task in the process of keeping your lawn neat. The hydrostatic transmission needs frequent maintenance. Without this, the tank will leak. But, you can always make up for this by reducing your mowing time by 20 percent.

●6. Too Pricey

Unlike other standard lawnmowers, a zero-turn mower is slightly pricey. You may have to spend approximately $3,000 for a residential mower. Semi-professional and landowner models with robust decks can cost about $6000.

You can check what a zero turn lawnmowers cost here.

●7. Unreliable Transmissions

Another limitation of a zero-turn mower is the unreliable transmissions that cannot handle heavy tasks. It is important to take note of this limitation since it can ruin your device and leave you facing a costly repair. For that reason, you should not pull heavy yard carts. At the same time, you should not pull heavy stuff using your zero-turn lawnmower.

●8. Highly Advanced

If you have a medium-sized yard, then taking care of it must be pretty much involving. You need to check whether the grasses have properly been trimmed consistently. Your device can solve such issues. However, you should also be aware that these devices are highly advanced. For some people, this would fall on the pro list. In this blog post, however, we categorize it in the list of cons because a zero-turn lawnmower can be more complex than a tractor. This implies that you must go through the retailer’s manual before making rushed decisions to use it in lawn mowing.

●9. More difficult Mowing in Wet Terrain

A zero-turn mower has tires that spin faster. Therefore, it is not ideal for mowing wet areas. Fires will always rage in droughty areas. But, summer will soon be off and the soggy weather will engulf different parts of the country. At this moment, you will realize that the weather can spell some trouble for your lawns as well as equipment. Obviously, there are plenty of reasons not to mow a wet terrain. Damp grass is often slippery. Therefore, clippings will clump. This does not look good at all. Thick wet grass will destroy your mower.

●10. Smaller Model Hiccups  

There are different models of zero-turn lawnmowers. If you own a smaller model, then you should be ready to encounter major challenges. Smaller models are prone to several hiccups. The front caster of your zero-turn lawnmower can occasionally get stuck in the soil. When you move the weight to the back of your zero-turn lawnmower, a smaller lawnmower can pop its wheels and cause an accident.

 Why A Zero Turn Lawnmower?

You have learned that a zero-turn mower has a deck at the front and not beneath it. Unlike a traditional mower, a zero-turn lawn mower has a turning radius of zero inches. It can turn on a single dime. Not only is this device known for its maneuverability but speed as well. It is also important to note that a zero-turn mower comes in three model types. It can be a machine with two major swiveling wheels, a four-wheel drive, and a large two-wheel drive.

At the same time, steering is usually controlled using the handles that spearhead the operations of the drive wheel. If a wheel is stopped and then the other one engaged, then the turning device’s turning radius will be reduced to nothing. Regardless of the disadvantages of using a zero-turn lawnmower, it is still better than a lawn tractor. The out-front feature of a zero-turn mower allows the machine to effectively mow different areas in a unique way that a tractor cannot.

A zero-turn mower can also get into various tight spaces. You won’t be able to achieve this with a lawn tractor. Besides, zero-turn mowers are faster than lawn tractors. This quality makes the device a perfect option for mowing wide areas in half the time allocated for a single mowing session.

Additional Information

If you are a property owner, then you know that the larger the land you own, the more challenges pop up. For that reason, taking care of a large yard can easily eat up your effort, particularly if you do not invest in the right equipment. Because there are plenty of options to keep the lawn tidy and under control, such as lawnmowers and tractors, you are at liberty to choose either. If you want to own a machine that would work on your yard more efficiently, you should consider purchasing a zero-turn mower. It brings more specialized benefits to your lawn. To make a viable decision based on what you want to purchase, you should contact a professional retailer. At this juncture, you should raise questions about its features and appropriate maintenance routine.

Final Remarks

In the past, zero-turn mowers were not that quick to catch on. In fact, the idea to invent this machine was better than the technology of that time. But, with the advent of more affordable and effective hydraulic motors, the device became a feasible option for mass production. Over the years, the list of manufacturers of zero-turn mowers has become pretty extensive. This also helps to reduce prices (you can check prices here). The speed of a zero-turn lawnmower has guaranteed it a spot in the lawnmower industry. While it may not be for a large population, everyone who aspires to mow their lawn could benefit from this machine.

Besides, it is efficient and effective if operated by an individual with extensive experience. If you intend to purchase a zero-turn lawnmower, then practice is a key element to consider when it comes to learning how to run the machine safely. You need to know how to move both levers forward. While zero-turn mowers are not fun, they are your best choice for cutting grass that grows uncontrollably.

Anything above 5 inches is, of course, going to damage your mower. For that reason, you need to be careful with how you handle the mower. You first need to incorporate a reliable maintenance routine. Check the air filter of your lawnmower. It may be clogged with dirt, thereby, leading to the mower’s substandard operation.